Twilight Zone Legendary Edition
Twilight Zone Legendary Edition

A 20th century game with a 21st century makeover. Travel beyond the limits of real pinball, into a world of mystery and imagination.

Ghostbusters ULTIMATE Pro
Ghostbusters ULTIMATE Pro

Suck in your guts guys it's the Ghostbusters (that joke is funny now I'm middle-aged). The definitive Ghostbusters experience.

F-14 TomCat - ULTIMATE Pro Edition
F-14 TomCat - ULTIMATE Pro Edition

Pilot an F-14 TomCat and take out a squadron of enemy fighters. Updated with movie clips and sounds from the movie Top Gun.

Twilight Zone Legendary Edition
Twilight Zone Legendary Edition

A 20th century game with a 21st century makeover. Travel beyond the limits of real pinball, into a world of mystery and imagination.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

ULTIMATE Pro Pinball produces the most exciting, most immersive pinball experiences ever created.  Unbound from the restrictions that limit other pinball makers, ULTIMATE Pro Pinball has the creative freedom to generate a living, breathing 'world under glass', unlike anything you've ever played before.

All built from the ground up using the Future Pinball game editor.


Future Pinball is a simple install that can be downloaded from the official website.  You'll also need to install Better Arcade Mode (BAM) which is essential if you want to play Future Pinball games at their very best.  Download the latest version of BAM from the official website.

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Earthdate: 3rd May 2021

A month in 'the Zone' and I have something to show you.

Rather than just show a boring old gameplay vid (like everyone else),  I try and add some fun and a little drama to my vids.  The vid starts in modern times, but the Twilight Zone clock has the power to turn back time.  And by the time the clock has completed a full 24-hour cycle - backward, we arrive in the 1960's, where everything was black and white.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I've added Rod Serling to the game, so no more sound-a-like guy.  Rod appears at random times, offering his wisdom to help or hinder your experience.

I have rewritten most of the code already, which is not as complicated as it may appear,  so there's some room for new ideas.


More updates from 'the Zone' to come.


Quick update from 'the Zone'.

Legendary Editions require my absolute best work.  These are the machines that defined the industry, that most of us will always remember having the best time playing.  Sure, we have Lord of the Rings, Monster Bash and Funhouse....but they all cower in the shadow of the mighty Twilight Zone.

As good as pinball gets, or so you'd think....actually, it can get much bigger and much better.

Every inch of this game is being reworked, tweaked, improved.  I want the absolute best version running on the absolute best pinball.  And boy, does this thing look and play beautifully on Future Pinball.

So how could I possibly improve something which is already perfect?

First I added the real Rod Serling to the game, so instead of the few sound-a-like callouts, you now have Mr Twilight Zone himself, talking over the main callouts.

Timers have been reduced to create less 'stop' and more 'go'.

All the low-quality sound samples have been replaced, and more music added.

The code is being completely rewritten, so I'm improving the existing rules and adding new features (as I make them up in my head).

New targets have been added where 'brick shot' rubbers once stood.

The Powerball can now be affected by the magnets (supernatural forces don't care about metal).

Powerball mania is now played with 3 Powerballs....because it's 'Powerall Mania', so why not.

A new media player has been added to the playfield, which plays clips of Rod Serling and classic TV shows.


Actually, the list of improvements just goes on and on....rather like myself, so I'll stop it there for now.

A moving picture can say more than I can type, so I'll bang out some YouTube vids when I can.


Seems 'impossible' is a self-imposed barrier to a seemingly unreachable objective.  But not in the Twilight Zone.  Instead, it is a marker, a destination, a measure of your own boundless achievement, beyond that of any normal man.

Case in point, Twilight Zone Legendary Edition - a mechanical marvel and your companion down the crooked path that will lead you into....The Twilight Zone.

Ok, back to reality.

Turns out there are many ways to improve the Twilight Zone pinball machine.  The biggest improvement is replacing the Rod Serling sound-a-like guy with the real Rod Serling, which really transforms this game....yeah, it's the actual Twilight Zone guy, talking to you while you play!

Stay tuned....a YouTube vid will demonstrate this remarkable machine in action.


I don't think anyone could argue that the 3 top pinball machines of all time are Medieval Madness, Twilight Zone and Attack From Mars.  Decades-old and still killing it.

Why?  Gameplay, pure and simple. 

So I'm going to create 3 very special 'Legendary Editions' of these 3 masterpieces, weaving my own creative ideas into their design.  I have worked on all 3 games in the past, but I have so much more experience now, and BAM can make these games look and play better than ever.

I've already started work on Twilight Zone, building on the ideas I had for the 20h Anniversary Edition years ago.  The original game is already perfect, so I'm pretty much attempting to improve on perfection. 

Improving modern Stern games is easy, but 90s Williams/Bally games?  It's almost like a new filmmaker attempting to improve The Godfather or The Shining.  Impossible.  But I like impossible as a challenge!  


I'm putting together a final (for now) Ghostbusters gameplay vid, with commentary, so I can explain in more detail all the wonderful new things I've added to this game.

The complete Ghostbusters experience is what I set out to create, and that's pretty much what I've produced. 


A clear demonstration of how code can have a massive impact on a game of pinball.  My code versus Dwight's code?  Night and day.   With VPX you get what you're given, same with real owners of this game, all feeding from the same ROM.   Good or bad, it's all you get.

It is tremendously satisfying to lift that restriction, and just go all-in on a project. 

And coding is super-easy, it just takes time.  But trust me, a 10-year-old could code a modern pinball game.

One day I'll produce a tutorial and show how it's done - the super-easy SLAMT1LT method ; )


So me and Vigo have been hanging out this past 2 weeks.  He's still looking out for a baby so he can live again.  And while he waits in that painting, looking like a sissy....I thought it would be nice to add him to my Ghostbusters ULTIMATE Pro.

He's now one of the 4 book-stacking mini-modes.  But when you start Vigo, he takes control over the whole game, so nothing else can start until you either find him a baby or destroy him.

I haven't played a real Ghostbusters machine in years, so I have no idea if Vigo features in the 'recent' 2019 code update, but he should.  He's a bad ass.

Ghostbusters.  A dream theme for most overweight middle-aged men (including me), who refuse to grow up.  Busting makes me feel good.

Dracula.  The new Prince of Darkness wizard mode.  A very challenging game but super-simple to learn.  The original game is also playable.

Dracula Modern/Retro feature.  From the past to the future and back again.  No ROM so I can do anything I please with this game.   Mwahaha.

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