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All built from the ground up using the Future Pinball game editor.


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Earthdate 27th February 2021

So this past month I've been Ghostbusting.  And boy does it make me feel good.

Super tough game to conquer....one of the hardest I've worked on so far, but always fun.


I'd say almost 80% of my Ghostbusters code re-write is now complete, which also includes a completely new audio package, new LCD animations and movie clips.  I started just under a month ago, so that's pretty quick.  

It took Stern 2 years to add a small code update to this game!  I can only imagine they spent more time playing the game and fooling around than actually working.

I've also written a comprehensive rulesheet for this game, so you can see all the new features and improvements I've added to this amazing experience.

Still much more work ahead.


Another fabulous improvement I've added to Ghostbusters ULTIMATE Pro is random scenes.

For some reason, the original game requires that you complete the scenes in a set order....ladders they call 'em.  Which is ok, if you only play the game a few times and then never again.  But for everyone else, starting the same scenes over and over gets old quick.

And there's no reason for it, apart from each scene is supposed to get harder and harder, but that's an easy fix in the code.

So, I've now randomized the scenes, to start in any order.  You wanna battle the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man early in the game?  Of course you do....it's great fun.

But I have made it a bit more challenging to start each scene.

You have to complete GHOST, then beat Slimer to light the next scene.  If you successfully complete the scene, a new scene will randomly light, ready to start.  But fail any scene, and you have to complete GHOST and beat Slimer again (who's a little tougher each time).

Now that is MUCH better.  All the game for everyone, not just pro players.  How it should be.  

I've played hundreds of games now, and while I'm having the best time playing it, I'm not making much progress to beating the game...it's stupidly hard.  So I think I'll add 2 player co-op.....so you can team up with your son, daughter (or Granny) and beat the game together. 


I'm not kidding when I say I'm improving every inch of this game.

This scene sets up Venkman's introduction perfectly in the movie.  A simple 'yes/no' game converted into an interactive video mode.  The only difference being that Venkman is asking YOU what the card is.  But I switch back to the student in the video clip because his reaction to the shock is funny.


And adding a quick playfield flash effect the moment the shock is applied, connects the clip with the playfield action perfectly.


What makes this video mode now even funnier, is that the student gets more and more pissed off, the more times you play and get the answer wrong. 

The other video mode 'cross the streams'.....is a load of rubbish and a waste of code, so I'll think of something much better.


Introducing the Spirit Loop Accelerator.  An exclusive new mech for the ULTIMATE Pro edition.

I just couldn't figure out what the old mech did, even re-writing the code, I couldn't figure it out.  So I binned it completely and added something much more fun.

It now represents a tormented and trapped spirit....the one in the library at the start of the movie.  It can't be captured so it remains trapped.

Collecting the awards for this shot are also much easier to understand.

I am making this up as I go along, so I have no idea what I'll be adding tomorrow. 

One thing I do need to fix though is the difficultly, which is at insane levels.  It's clear this game was designed with locations in mind, and not homeownership.  Ball times are measured in seconds, not minutes. 


Forget the easy Pinball Arcade version with its slow-motion 'moon' physics.  Future Pinball's physics are now super-fast, with spins, jumps, curves.....everything that a real machine does.  It even has the exact same air-balls!

I have fixed most of the difficulty problems - narrowed the flipper gap, turned off the Magna-Slings when no paranormal activity, added 'cheap drain' ball returns for bastard shots (immediate SDTM from a Scoleri hit as one example), added more chances to win an extra ball, added a new buy-in feature to continue a game by trading points.

But it's still ROCK HARD.  A massive challenge for even the best players.   But I'll keep working on it, so everyone can enjoy everything this game has to offer....maybe even add 2-player co-op.


Quite a remarkable game of pinball I'm crafting here with Ghostbusters ULTIMATE Pro.

I'm sure most of you have already downloaded the game from PinsimDB and enjoyed playing it, as I have.  A work of art for sure.

But here's the problem.  Future Pinball was never designed to build exact recreations of real-world pinball machines, which is why it doesn't have or need ROM emulation to work.

Visual Pinball was built for this sole purpose and it does it better than anyone else.  Hands down.

Future Pinball's strength is its unlimited freedom to create new original games.

I can tell you now, that as good as Ghostbusters is on Future Pinball, it's nowhere near as good as the VPX version, and we all know this.  Same with any Future Pinball attempt to replicate a real machine - Medieval Madness, Attack From Mars...all inferior to the mighty VPX offerings.  And always will be.

BUT....Ghostbusters with all new code and sound design?  This is when Future Pinball stands out.  This is Future Pinball doing what it was designed to do.


The magna-slings in Ghostbusters are actually a lot of fun....when used correctly.  On all the time, not so much fun.  Activated only during paranormal events, amazing fun.

Just over a week into this project and I'd say I've re-written about 35% of Stern's code so far, and redesigned most of the audio.  

Still weeks of work ahead.


Ghostbusters ULTIMATE Pro 1.01


So what's new in this exclusive and unique version of Ghostbusters?

- new 'FULL CHARGE PROTON BLAST' skill shot feature

- new rule: captured ghosts must now be stored in the Storage Facility to gain their awards

- 2 new missions added:

- - 'Liberty X': take control of the Statue of Liberty

- - 'Vigo The Cruel' save the baby from Vigo

- magna-slings now only operate when there's paranormal activity on the playfield

- the flipper gap is reduced and there are more balls saves for cheap drains

- the left 3 bank stand-up targets have been replaced with 3 drop targets

- all the timers have been improved to reduce ball holding times in scoops

- the subway ramp now advances towards a special 'Ghost Train' award

- the left scoop, is now the Ghostbusters HQ when not lit

- the left and right inlanes will generate random one-shot bonuses

- there are hundreds of new quotes from all the stars from both movies

- new music from both films has been added

- new DMD animations have been generated for new events

- new light sequences have been created and more flashers added

- a new 'interactive' attract sequence has been added

- a score buy-in feature has been added (as seen in most of my other games)

- lots of hidden secrets added

- LCD added for new animations and movie clips

- new apron cards and sidewall art added

- all 'old' Stern rules have been improved to add more excitement to the game

- old 4-ball lock mechanism replaced with the Spirit Loop Accelerator.

- new interactive end of ball bonus feature added

- movie scenes can now be started randomly

- improved Negative Reinforcement of ESP Ability feature

I'm only a week into this new project, so very early days.  I'm literally just making this up as I go along.  I play the game, then think: "now this would be cool".  I jot down notes, exit the game and code it!  That's how I work.

Just having more Venkman in the game is enough to elevate this experience to a whole new level.  No offense to Winston, but he's just not a funny guy....I don't care how big his Twinky is.

Busting makes me feel good!


Smoke and JP Salas did a marvelous job of recreating the Stern game, but as you know, I don't much care for Stern's code, so I always write my own.

Can you think of anything more fun than a Ghostbusters Pinball game?  


Still sheltered from the outside world because of the invisible pain-in-the-ass.

So the good news is, I have hundreds of free hours of pinball Imagineering to get through before this year is over.


And right off the BAT, I've opened with a stunner - Dracula ULTIMATE Pro.

Then, out of the blue, comes.....GHOSTBUSTERS!  Created with amazing talent and skill by Smoke and JP Salas.   Seeing that game come to Future Pinball, is just too good an opportunity for me to pass up.

So I'm in full-on Ghostbusters mode now.  I may never release my own version of this game, depends on the original authors.  But I'm going to have me some fun, crafting the definitive Ghostbusters pinball experience.


Honestly, I have enough content in the Future Pinball achieves to keep me busy making amazing pinball experiences for the rest of my life.  But when new stuff like this pops up.....I just can't resist! 

What BAM can do now is just unbelievable.   Just take a look at what TerryRed is producing!  And Ghostbusters + Future Pinball + BAM = the absolute best version of this game that will ever exist.

I'm hoping, before the year is done, Future Pinball will start to attract new designers and generate more interest in the virtual pinball world (but I've been saying this for nearly a decade). 


Take it from me....as a professional pinball creator.....there is nothing better. 

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Ghostbusters.  A dream theme for most overweight middle-aged men (including me), who refuse to grow up.  Busting makes me feel good.

Dracula.  The new Prince of Darkness wizard mode.  A very challenging game but super-simple to learn.  The original game is also playable.

Dracula Modern/Retro feature.  From the past to the future and back again.  No ROM so I can do anything I please with this game.   Mwahaha.

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