Welcome fellow virtual pinball enthusiast!  My name is Russell Speak and I'm a virtual pinball creator, but you may know me by my unimaginative user name SLAMT1LT.

For 10 years I've been creating games for Future Pinball, a pinball game editor created by Christopher Leathley, which allows anyone with enough time and creative imagination to build their very own pinball games, or build exact recreations of real world pinball games.

Anything is possible, even the impossible if you work hard enough!

Future Pinball is a simple install which can be downloaded from the official website.  You'll also need to install Better Arcade Mode (BAM) which is essential if you want to play Future Pinball games at their very best.  Download the latest version of BAM from the official website.

When both of these are installed and ready to go on your computer, game creators like myself will take care of the rest.  Simply download the games, load them into the editor and enjoy.

If you need help or have a bug to report, help is at hand over at GoPinball.com.  Or contact me directly via email.

BAM Lighting (important)

I'm using advanced lighting techniques in my games to mimic the lighting effects on a real pinball machine.  You will need to set BAM's lighting from 'FP Original' to 'New Renderer' and then change the default setting to 'Dark Night'.   Adjust the parameters 'diffuse' to 0.320, 'Specular' to 1.100 and 'Ambient' to 0.075.   Lighting will appear saturated and flat otherwise and my games won't look as nice.  You only have to do this once per game.

And bump mapping is only visable when New Renderer is enabled.

Future Pinball

Earthdate 4 April 2020

Another quick update.

Still working full time on Indiana Jones, getting it ready for release.

I'm adding new content each day: Yesterday I completed a very exciting mode based on the scene in Crystal Skull where Indy must escape a nuclear explosion.  And today I'm finishing the scene in Temple of Doom where Indy cuts the rope bridge.  Non of this appears in the original Stern game, which has a very basic rule structure.

But like I said before, the game will be released incomplete - with about 20% left to finish but it's so feature packed and fun as it is, you won't even notice.

So be patient, the game is coming and it is worth the years of waiting (for some of you).  I'm playing it everyday and I just can't keep the smile off my face. 

You're going to love it. 


Quick update. 


I'm working full time on Indiana Jones ULTIMATE Pro to get it ready for release any time now. 


I've been working on this game for many years, longer than any other game I've worked on because my ambition for this game is just enourmous.  It's Indiana Jones and I want the very best version of this game that will ever exist and that's a lot of work.

Just to be clear, this isn't the Stern game you've already played on VP.  It's the same layout, with the same toys but everything else is completely different to create a unique immersive Indiana Jones experience.  If you're a fan of my work, then you should know what to expect by now.

It won't be finished when I release it, but there's certainly more fun to be had in my incomplete version than the completed Stern original that's for sure. 


Truth is, because of the size of my ambition for this game, it may take another year to finish it off, so updates will surely follow it's release.


Jurassic Park ULTIMATE Pro 1.05 is now available.

Jurassic Park ULTIMATE Pro 1.05


- added Co-Operative play (2 players only)
- fixed music stopping after Smart Missile used during multiball
- fixed spitter targets not resetting after spitter mode win
- added multiplayer score display
- added HUD toggle (left flipper before game start)
- added Balls Per Game toggle (right flipper before game start)

The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.05 is now available.

The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.05

- fixed mode start bulb not turning off after Classic Addams win
- fixed some issues with the DMD during Tour The Mansion
- fixed HUD toggle error

The flippers in this game do more than just flip the ball.  Here's what they do:

Left Flipper turns on/off the onscreen HUD

Right Flipper changes balls per game

Holding the right flipper shows game status during a game

Holding BOTH flippers for 2 seconds will cancel Vault Multiball when it starts

Pressing the right flipper will fast forward the Match animation

And don't forget the Special 1 Key which toggles Retro and Modern mode at any time.

A Nightmare On Elm Street ULTIMATE Pro 1.03 is now available.

A Nightmare On Elm Street ULTIMATE Pro 1.03

- fixed FREDDY letters on backbox sometimes clearing for each new game
- fixed Souls Of The Children multiball playing wrong music when FREDDY completed
- fixed New Nightmare win not switching main insert from blinking to on
- rule change: when not finding Freddy in Video Mode, Freddy will now only kill the ball randomly
- added more movie clips
- added more quotes

- edited some music tracks for better looping

I should be called the Exterminator, the amount of bugs I've found and killed in my games.  But poor coding creates them in the first place, so only myself to blame.

Updated versions of TAF, NOES and Halloween on the way which should finish them off for now. 

November 2019 was the time in which the film Blade Runner was set so I'm hoping to get that out this month.  Along with STTNG which I postponed at the end of September.

I've also enabled Co-Op play in Jurassic Park and Star Trek, so updated versions of those games will also be uploaded.

Still working hard, still making amazing pinball experiences for you all to enjoy.


A Nightmare On Elm Street ULTIMATE Pro 1.02 is now available.

The model of Freddy on the backwall has moving eyes that track the ball.  If you're using a PinCab you might not be able to see Freddy's eyes because of the hat.  If this is the case, just delete the hat or move it back in the editor.

A Nightmare On Elm Street ULTIMATE Pro 1.02

- fixed ball not ejecting from main scoop after collecting Freddy vs Jason jackpot
- fixed FREDDY letters not resetting after Souls Of The Children multiball
- added plunger autofire when Death Save used during multiball
- fixed super charged shot not working during Freddy vs Jason
- fixed 2nd shot to furnace during New Nightmare not ejecting the ball

- fixed New Nightmare win not resetting some light inserts

- added more quotes

- added more DMD information for Scream Bonus

- improved some mechanical fx

The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.04 is now available.

The main multiball in this game is very easy to start and can be annoying when it starts for the 6th time, when you're just trying to get through the mansion.  So I've added a cancel option - hold up both flippers for 2 seconds during the multiball intro (before the light show starts) to cancel it and return to normal play.

The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.04

- fixed light states and scores not resetting for next game after multiplayer
- fixed missing HUD DMD animations for Tunnel Hunt and Tour The Mansion

- fixed geometrical fault with the left ramp entrance causing occasional ball jump

- fixed mode start bulb on electric chair turning on when multiball ready to start
- fixed jackpot collect bulb not turning off when triple jackpot colllected

- new rule: holding up both flippers during Vault Multiball start will cancel it, clear the locks and release a single ball back into play


Co-operative play is actually a lot of fun, more than I thought it would be.  And teaming up to beat the game adds a whole new dynamic to the experience; it's equal fun for players of various skill levels, without the frustration of losing to a much better player.

It's a feature which is starting to gain popularity in the real world of pinball, especially with players who have young kids, and now I'm bringing it to the virtual world.  And unless someone starts coding over at VP, it will be a Future Pinball exclusive (for now).

Ever finished a Pinball game?  Reaching the 'wizard' mode of any game takes a lot of time and skill, and for most players, myself included, it's just way beyond our skill level.  With co-op now you have a chance to play through the whole game with a teammate.  2 mediocre players working together probably equals 1 skilled player. 

Some would say it's easier just to add more balls and alternate play, but individual scores would not be recorded.  Plus there are extra rewards I can add especially for co-op play - who completed the most modes, who had the highest multiplayer score....etc.

Pinball is constantly evolving...it has to, to keep up with each new generation.  Which is why I introduced the backglass LCD and created new audio packages for old games. 


I've added a cool new feature to my version of The Addams Family, co-operative play.

Co-op allows 2 players to play the same game, taking turns until they either beat the game together or fail together.  Like normal multiplayer, each player will have their own score so competitive play still remains.


This feature is relatively new in pinball, only appearing in 2 or 3 games in the real world.  And as yet hasn't been used by JJP or Stern in any of their games. 


So for the first time in pinball history, you can now play a Bally/Williams pinball game with co-operative play!

How it works is simple: add credits, press start for 1 player, then start again for 2 players.  A prompt will appear on the DMD asking '"Co-Op Play?", left flipper for yes, right flipper for no.

I'll add this feature to Jurassic Park, Star Trek....in fact all my multiplayer games from now on.

The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.03

- added co-operative play

- fixed playfield lights blink pattern not resetting after multiball

Jurassic Park ULTIMATE Pro 1.05

- added co-operative play

Star Trek (Stern) ULTIMATE Pro 1.06

- added co-operative play


Halloween ULTIMATE Pro 1.02 is now available.

Still more work to do, so this is a quick fix for now.

Halloween ULTIMATE Pro 1.02

- fixed Stop It not clearing all flags after tilt
- fixed spelling of Michael everywhere in the game
- fixed windows smashed during Bogey Man not updating on DMD
- fixed music sometimes stopping
- added TV toy for Stop It pumpkin animation, stills and movie clips
- rule change: Skill Shot - 3 hits to Michael scores Super Skill Shot; 4 hits reload gun
- rule change: The Chase - completing Michael or Loomis now adds 10 seconds to timer
- rule change: Why Won't He Die - 10 hits to Michael now lights this insert
- improved some timers
- reduced frequency of some quotes

- improved lighting, added shadow maps

- improved Bogey Man: Michael will now appear and an escape timer starts when all windows smashed

- removed all custom DMD animations

- added my preferred BAM lighting setup

I'm using this single line of code to control the brightness of all the lights in my games:

xBam.Lights.Brightness = 1.60

(1.00 is default brightness)

The value will make all the lights in the game (GI, flashers and playfield inserts) brighter or darker.  I set this value for my own personal preference, but you may want to make your own adjustments to suit your display.


Typically when I set off a flasher, I turn off all the GI and increase the brightness of the playfield inserts and flasher bulbs, then reset all the brightness levels when the GI comes back on.  Sometimes this is only for a few seconds.  This is to mimic the same lighting effect seen on a real machine.

But we all have different displays so the effect may be different for you.  So adjust this value until you hit the sweet spot.


The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.02 is now available.

If you have an 'nvScore' error, here's a quick fix:

Go to line 2847 in the script and delete the line "nvscore(CP) = DisplayScore"

It's not causing an issue for me, but it may be for some.

Your feedback and bug reporting is very helpful so let me know of any issues with this new update.

I've added a download link to the latest version of BAM just above the list of my released tables.  You will need to install this to avoid getting any errors (just swap out the old file).

Because of all the extra time I've spent working on TAF, almost 3 weeks, I'll have to delay some of my other titles scheduled for release....so only Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween will be released on 31st October.  The other games, including Scared Stiff will follow soon after. 

The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.02

- fixed ball getting stuck behind bookcase
- fixed bookcase not resetting correctly after tilt
- fixed some overlapping quotes
- reassigned some quotes to more suitable events
- fixed Fester toy moving out of position
- fixed left ramp shot diverting ball to right flipper
- fixed Thing Hurry Up timer not pausing when collecting T-H-I-N-G
- fixed Thing saucer not ejecting ball after collecting T-H-I-N-G
- added missing cockroach plastic above vault scoop
- fixed music not changing when ball leaves plunger lane after ball lock
- adjusted some quote timers
- fixed some issues with DMD
- added more quotes from the original Addams Family
- fixed extra ball win overriding shoot again light state

- fixed chair bulb turning off during classic TV mode when ball 2 locked

- fixed vault bulb turning on when Jackpot collected (only turns on for Double Jackpot)

- fixed DMD showing wrong information when Vault Multiball starts

- added more information to DMD during Vault Multiball start

- fixed ball lock activating during Quick and Thing Multiballs
- fixed GREED sometimes not resetting after Vault Multiball
- fixed Seance last shot overridden by Thing Flip animation if bear ramp hit
- added playlist for some quotes to avoid repeated lines

- fixed bear ramp trigger sometimes not registering a hit
- fixed Tunnel Hunt not showing DMD information when ended successfully

- fixed timers paused when Quick Multiball starts, not resuming

- fixed timer crash error

- fixed train target not awarding train wreck value during Cousin It and Mamushka

- fixed my preferred lighting settings not loading

- fixed Swamp hit not awarding Grave value during Cousin It and Mamushka

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These games take a tremendous amount of time and effort to produce and if you'd like to show your appreciation then I'd be very grateful.


Indiana Jones (Stern) ULTIMATE Pro 1.01

The Addams Family ULTIMATE Pro 1.05

Halloween ULTIMATE Pro 1.02

Nightmare On Elm Street ULTIMATE Pro 1.03

Star Wars DSA ULTIMATE Pro 1.03

Robocop ULTIMATE Pro 1.03

Jurassic Park ULTIMATE Pro 1.05

Iron Man ULTIMATE Pro 1.04

Star Trek (Stern) ULTIMATE Pro 1.06

Jaws ULTIMATE Pro 1.08

F-14 Tomcat ULTIMATE Pro 1.01

Flash Gordon ULTIMATE Pro 1.02

Kiss ULTIMATE Pro 1.03

Xenon ULTIMATE Pro 1.02

Strikes and Spares ULTIMATE Pro 1.01

Star Trek: Condition Red ULTIMATE Pro 1.04

Making fun of a guy's skin condition is not a good idea, especially when that guy is Freddy Krueger.   In dreamland you will stay.

I was going to record this video doing my impersonation of Freddy Krueger the whole time, but it's not very good.  The game is good though.

I can't hold on to this game any longer, so it's yours this Halloween. Quite a simple game compared to Freddy, but lot's of atmosphere.

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