Aliens Legacy - ULTIMATE 1.13 Ruleset

Aliens Legacy is nothing like a conventional pinball game.  I wanted the game to feel as close to being in the movie as possible so the action is continuous - there are no end of ball bonuses and out of mode the aliens are on you from the start.  

I also added a checkpoint system so if you fail a mission, you don't start all over again, you go back to the last checkpoint.

There are 4 main missions, each with multiple objectives, and 1 multiball (the final 'wizard' mode.)  The missions are a mixture of scenes from the Alien and Aliens movies and they can only be played in sequence.


Choose Your Hero


Select a hero from the movie and play with their special abilities.


At the start of a new game, you can select a hero using the left and right flippers.  Press the fire button (on the lockdown bar) to select.   Heroes have their own abilities and can change how the game is played. 


Vasquez - 2 x grenades equiped (press the FIRE button on the lock down bar);  aliens advance slower on motion tracker

Hudson - all codes bypassed with a single hit (elevator access code and self destruction code); bumpers start at double kill

Hicks - start with 6 balls instead of 5, sentry guns have increased ammo capacity (200 rounds); longer ball save timer

Ripley - collect more ammo for sentry guns (50 rounds); more time during timed modes

When the game is beaten and a new round starts, Bishop is unlocked who has all of the above special abilities, apart from Vasquez's slowly advancing aliens.  The aliens will advance much quicker with each new round.


Pro Tip

Choosing Hudson will give you the easiest game and is the best choice to make it to the end of the game.


Ripley is the hardest difficulty and is the biggest challenge.

Motion Tracker


The Marines use trackers as they search through Hadley's Hope.


Out of mode, the aliens will start to close in on your position.  Keep them back by hitting the bumpers and the slingshots (sentry guns).


When the aliens get to within 20 metres, shooting the armoury will auto-fire the sentry guns and the aliens will be pushed back 20 metres.

When any mode is started, the tracker turns off and the aliens retreat.

When the aliens get to 0.0 metres the game is over, regardless of how many balls you have left. "Game over, man".


Pro Tip

Increase the bumper kill tally to make bumper hits more effective at keeping the aliens back.

Aiming for the slingshots to fire the sentry guns is a risky strategy but the easiest way to keep the aliens back.

Sentry Guns/Armoury

Sentry guns are used to guard the tunnels leading to Medical.

The sentry guns are mounted on the slingshot and are inactive at the start of each game.  Shoot the armoury scoop (when flashing) to activate them and collect ammo.


The armoury is lit by hitting all the small stand up targets.

When playing as Vasquez, grenades can be collected from the armoury.

When playing as Ripley, more ammo is collected for the sentry guns.

Power Cut


The aliens cut the power.


When the aliens get to a certain distance (40m) they will cut the power and the upper flippers will stop working.  Restore power by hitting the bumpers or slingshots to push the aliens back to 50m until the power light on the centre stand up target is lit. Hit the target to turn the power back on.  Once the power is restored it stays on for the rest of the game.


When playing as Vasquez, you can fire a grenade to kill a wave of aliens and restore power immediately.

Elevator/Door Access


The Marines arrive at LV-426 and gain entry to the colony.


To start the first mission, the security door (elevator) leading to the upper playfield must be opened.  Hit the right lane 3 times to enter the correct code and open the door.  Once the door is opened it stays open (only closing again during Newt Resuce when waiting for the elevator.)

When playing as Hudson, a single hit will bypass the security code and the door will open.

Shuttle/Upper Playfield

Missions are started by dropping the ball through the holes on the shuttle.  

When the ball is released from the elevator, it will move at speed along the back of the shuttle.  Careful nudging will get the ball into the correct hole to start a mission (the game will auto-assist balls into any flashing hole.)

When the ball lands in the centre hole, it will be fired back out at speed, so be ready for it.


Mission start holes are:


Left - Bug Hunt

Middle - Nuke (start and evacuation)

Right - Rescue Newt


Pro Tip

Try to avoid the centre hole, the ball will be fired back out at speed.  Aim for the right hole to set up the upper right flipper and a chance to advance NOSTROMO for an extra ball.

Bug Hunt


The Marines search the Atmosphere Proccessor for the missing colonists.

Phase 1: Find Colonists

Hit all the EGGS drop targets to start the alien ambush. 

Phase 2: Ambush

Retreat back to Medical by hitting the bumpers to kill the attacking aliens.   When a certain number of aliens have been killed, the mission is complete.


When time runs out, you will return to the start of the mission and must shoot the EGGS targets again.


When playing as Ripley, you have more time to kill the aliens.


When playing as Vasquez, you can fire a grenade as soon as the ambush starts to kill all the aliens and complete the mission instantly.


Rescue Newt


Newt has been taken by the aliens.  Go into the Queen's hive and get her back.

Phase 1: Locate Newt

Hit the flashing Hive Target under the upper playfield or drop the ball through the Newt Mission hole again to locate Newt and start the rescue.

Phase 2: Grab Newt

An alarm will sound indicating you only have a limited amout of time to grab Newt.  Get the ball into the Nest (bumpers from the top entry point) to grab Newt.  


When time runs out before you get to Newt, the mode will reset back to the start and you will have to hit the Hive Target again.


Pro Tip

If the ball saver is active, let the ball drain, it will be auto-fired from the plunger lane straight into the nest.

Phase 3: Escape

Now you must wait for the elevator to arrive (it takes 1 minute).   The motion tracker will activate and the aliens will advance at a much faster rate than normal.  Hit the bumpers to keep the aliens back and speed up the elevator time.  Shoot the elevator when it arrives to escape with Newt and complete the mission.


When time runs out before getting to the elevator, the mode will reset back to the moment when the alarm was activated and Newt must be resuced from the hive again. 

When playing as Ripley, the time to wait for the elevator is reduced by half and you have more time to get to it when it arrives.


When playing as Vasquez, you can fire a grenade to kill a wave of aliens and speed up the elevator by 20 seconds.

Pro Tip

Don't bank the ball and wait for elevator, the aliens will always get to you first if you make no attempt to escape.

Nuke the Nostromo


Ripley activates the self destruct on the Nostromo.  Get to the shuttle and escape before time runs out.

Phase 1: Enter Code

Enter the correct detonation code in the correct order by hitting the small stand up targets around the playfield.  When a correct number is entered, a small light above the target will be blinking.  

Pro Tip

For a few seconds after the ball is ejected from the airlock, hitting the Power target will bypass the code.

Phase 2: Initiate Self Destruction

When the code is entered correctly, shoot the right lane (elevator) or the centre airlock door to start the 1 minute self destruction countdown.  

Phase 3: Get to the Shuttle

Shoot the right lane again to get to the upper playfield and escape in the shuttle.  The Nostromo will detonate and the mode is complete.

Phase 3 (Optional): Save the Cat

Grab Jonsey the Cat before boarding the shuttle for a big bonus.  He's hidding in the Armoury.

When time runs out before getting to the shuttle (and the Nostomo detonates), the mode will reset back to the 1 minute countdown. 


When playing as Hudson, a single hit to any target will enter the correct code and open the elevator for the countdown.


Queen Vs Powerloader Mode


Beat the Alien Queen by fighting her with the Powerloader.

After the Nostromo is destroyed, the ball is released back into play.  The playable character automatically switches to Ripley.


Phase 1: Attack the Queen

Shots from the upper right flipper to the spinner, Nostromo ramp and the left inner lane will attack the Queen.  When a certain number of shots are made, the power target will light. 

Activate the Powerloader's welder by shooting the armoury kicker.  Press the fire button to use it to attack the Queen (counts as 1 hit).  The welder can only be used twice during the fight.  Re-activate it at the armoury.

Pro Tip

If the ball goes to the upper playfield, drop the ball though the right hole so the ball is set up for an upper right flipper shot.

Phase 2: Open the Inner Cargo Bay Door

Shoot the power target to open the cargo bay doors (the centre airlock).

Phase 3: Open the Outer Cargo Bay Door

Shoot the ball into the airlock before time runs out (40 seconds) and then hit the lock down bar button (special 1 key) to open the outer cargo bay door and blast the Queen into space.

When time runs out before the Queen is blasted into space, the inner cargo bay door will close and the Power target needs to be hit again to re-open it. 

Multiball (final 'Wizard' mode)


Hit the Power target or any of the small code targets to activate a ball lock, then lock 3 balls to start muliball.

Ball lock 1 - Hive (entrance above bumpers)

Ball lock 2 - Centre airlock (below upper playfield)

Ball lock 3 - Elevator (right lane).  This starts multiball

Each ball will be released from it's lock.  All the main mission lights on the lower half of the playfield will turn off.  Make the flashing shots to score Jackpots to re-light each one.  When all the lights are lit, the Super Jackpot will light at the Nostromo ramp.    Collect the Super Jackpot and the process repeats with increased score values.

When the mode ends, a new round will start and Bishop will be unlocked.

Pro Tip

If the ball saver is active, let the ball drain, it will be auto-fired from the plunger lane straight into the nest to lock the first ball.



Hit the left VUK to start a combat drop and light 1 of the NOSTROMO letters.  When all letters are lit, an extra ball is awarded and the Bonus is held.


Shuttle Multiplier


Complete P-O-D on the shuttle (upper playfield) to increase all playfield scoring values.  When the maximum 5x is lit, the next time POD is completed the Bonus Held will light.  Bonus Held will hold the multiplier for the next ball.

Pro Tip

Stack up the playfield multipliers before starting any high-scoring mode for the biggest points.

Spinner Lanes


Hit the spinner to rotate the score values on the centre lanes (below the upper playfield).  Hit the flashing value to collect it.


Collecting an award from the left lane will activate the Dropship Bonus for a limited time.


Collecting an award from the right lane will activate the APC Bonus for a limited time.


APC/Dropship Bonus


Collected from the left and right in lanes when lit.  Starts at 1 Million for each new game and increases by 500,000 when collected.


EGGS Targets


Knock down all the EGGS targets to light one of the bumpers.  When all 3 bumpers are lit, the kill tally for each bumper hit will increase:

All Bumpers lit 1st time = Double Kill

All Bumpers lit 2nd time = Triple Kill

All Bumpers lit 3rd time = Quadruple Kill

All Bumpers lit 4th time (and beyond) = Annihiation Bonus

Pro Tip

During Bughunt mode (Phase 2: Ambush), the higher the kill count for each bumper hit, the quicker and easier the mode is to complete, so stack the bumpers up before starting the mode.

Skill Shot

When a ball exits the plunger lane, making a shot to the elevator from the upper left flipper awards the Skill Shot.

Spinner Combo

Shooting the spinner from the upper right flipper in quick succession awards an increasing spinner combo.  The combo value resets after the combo ends.

Super Spinner

When the EGGS targets are all knocked down, the Super Spinner is activated for a limited time.

USCM Lanes

Complete USCM to activate the ball saver for a limted time.

Special Highscore - Alien Kills

For the most aliens killed in a game.

End Of Ball Bonus


To keep the excitement level at maximum, Aliens Legacy doesn't have an End of Ball Bonus.  After draining a ball, the next one is given to you immediately. 

The Pulse Rifle on the HUD will show how many balls remain.


Extra Ball Buy In


Only available when the player scores at least 5 million points.

The option to buy an Extra Ball and continue playing will cost 10% of your total score.  So if you have 1,000,000 score, the cost is 100,000 and your new score is 900,000.

Test Mode

To activate Test Mode, first start a game and wait for the ball to be released into the plunger lane, then press 'M' on your keyboard, then any of the following keys:


E - skip ahead to Resuce Newt: Phase 3 - Elevator Escape

R - skip ahead to Nuke Ship: Phase 3 - Evacuation

The score function is disabled during Test Mode.


No support for multiplayer in Version 1.12

© 2020 by MadeUpBullcrap.  Some of the media used to create these video games are freely available on the net and I consider my work as non profit fan art.

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