Jaws ULTIMATE Pro 1.07 Ruleset

Based on the 1975 blockbuster movie, join the crew of the Orca and find the great white shark that's been terrorising the island community of Amity.

The aim of the game is very simple: Complete all 3 main mission objectives to face Jaws in the final confrontation.  Shoot Jaws to kill him and win.  Simple to learn but very difficult to do.

Unlike most of other pinball games, the main missions are all multiball modes.   This is to create a sense of panic and excitement to match the scenes from the movie.

Harpoon Launcher

"Alright! Fasten your safety belts"

The player can choose to launch a new ball into play either from the plunger lane or from the Super Harpoon.  When the harpoon button flashes rapidly before a new ball is ejected into play, press it to load the new ball into the launcher.  Press the harpoon button again to fire the ball into play.


The harpoon button will only flash briefly and if it isn't pressed then the ball will launch in the normal way. 

For the first ball only, the light inserts on the playfield will match the angle of the launcher to aid better shot accuracy.

Full Ahead (Orca Multiball)

"Hooper, full ahead if you please"

Shoot the right orbit to light the Orca lock.  Shoot the right ramp to lock a virtual ball.  Repeat this process and lock 4 balls to start Orca Multiball.

Orca Multiball depicts the scene in the movie where the Orca is heading back inland at full speed, but the strain on the engines causes her to falter.

Shoot the orbit to increase the Jackpot value.  Shoot the Orca ramp to collect the Jackpot and increase the speed of the Orca.  When the top speed is achieved (25 mph), the Super Jackpot is lit at the right inner lane.  Collect the Super Jackpot to reset the Jackpot shot, and repeat (a later update will advance to Double and Triple Jackpots).

Collecting the Super Jackpot will light the main insert and successfully complete the mission objective.

AVOID Jaws, he will eat a ball which will count as a drain and a swimmer eaten.

Each Jackpot collected adds 1 second and each Super Jackpot adds 2 seconds to the timer for the final confrontation with Jaws.

Pro Tip

4 balls are hard to handle so let 2 drain and cradle 1 on the right flipper and make the Jackpot shots with the free ball on the left flipper.   The ball is always returned to the left flipper so as long as the shots are accurate, getting the Super Jackpot shouldn't be too difficult.

Three Barrels (Barrel Multiball)

"He can't stay down with three barrels on him, not with three"

Shoot the left orbit to light the barrel lock.  Shoot the left scoop to lock a virtual ball.  Repeat this process and lock 3 balls to start Barrel Multiball.  

Barrel Multiball depicts the scene in the movie where barrels are attached to Jaws.  The multiball starts will one barrel; add-a-ball adds another; then another to a maximum of 3 barrels.

6 shark targets will pop up on the playfield.  Shoot them to collect Jackpots.  Knock them all down to add-a-ball.  The targets will then reset and their value increase.

Knock down all 6 shark targets 3 times to get the Super Jackpot.

Collecting the Super Jackpot will light the main insert and successfully complete the mission objective.

AVOID Jaws, he will eat a ball which will count as a drain and a swimmer eaten.

Add-a-ball will add up to 2 balls, after which time the shark target value will be multiplied by 2 after each completion.

Each jackpot collected adds 1 second and each Super Jackpot adds 2 seconds of time for the final confrontation with Jaws.

Barrel Multiball starts with 1 ball; the other balls are held until all the shark targets are knocked down.

Jaws Multiball

"You're going to need a bigger boat"

Shoot the 3 centre stand up targets to open the right inner lane.  Shoot the right inner lane to open Jaws mouth.  Lock 3 balls in his mouth to start Jaws Multiball.


Jaws Multiball depicts various scenes in the movie where Jaws is attacking the Orca.

Clear all lit Jackpots to open Jaws mouth.  Shoot Jaws to collect the Super Jackpot.

Collecting the Super Jackpot will light the main insert and successfully complete the mission objective.

Each jackpot collected adds 1 second and each Super Jackpot adds 2 seconds of time for the final confrontation with Jaws.

Smile You Son Of A Bitch!

"We're gonna find him right now, he's a night feeder"

When all 3 main mission objectives have been completed, it's time to hunt down and kill Jaws.


Lock 3 balls by shooting the left scoop, right ramp and then the right inner lane to start the final multiball.   Now bash Jaws to make him open his mouth.  Then shoot all 3 centre stand up targets to throw the compressed air canister into his mouth.

Jaws will now charge one final time towards you.  Shoot him within the time limit to kill him. 

As long as there are at least 2 balls in play, time is unlimited.  When only 1 ball remains, the Orca will start to sink and a 90 second timer will start.   When the Orca sinks, the mode is over and Jaws gets away.

The time you have to make the final shot to kill Jaws is determined by the amount of Jackpots collected during the multiballs.  You can add more time by making loop shots during this mode, which adds 1 second each time.

When the timer runs out or the ball drains, a new round will start and the table resets.  Jaws gets away.

Jaws can be killed in 2 ways:  He will explode for the first kill, then be electrocuted for the second kill (future update).  For the 3rd kill, he floats into outer space and is absorbed by cosmic energy (as seen in Jaws 3-D).

Pro Tip

Activate the Super Harpoon and allow the ball to drain to load the harpoon launcher.  This will make it easy to hit and kill Jaws.

If you haven't got enough time to confront Jaws for the final time, then in the next round, make sure to collect as many Jackpots as you can during the multiballs; once the final confrontation starts, it's win or lose.  Either way, the game is over and a new round starts.

Panic Hurry Up

"If you open the beaches on the 4th of July it's like ringing the dinner bell"

Hit Jaws in the face a number of times to piss him off and lure him into shallow waters.  This will light Panic Hurry Up at the left scoop.  Hit the scoop out of mode, to start Panic Hurry Up.  


Chief Brody will ring the shark attack bell and sound the alarm for everyone to get out of the water.  One of the playfield shark targets will pop up for a limited time.   Shoot the target to collect the hurry up value and continue.   


Miss the shot and 1 of 2 outcomes will occur:  Brody calls it a false alarm (it's a school of blue fish) or it was a shark and a swimmer is eaten.  When a swimmer is eaten, the next Panic Hurry Up starts at half the value.  After a second swimmer is eaten in a row, the number of hits needed to start the next hurry up increases.  

After a successful hit, the hurry up will continue and another target will pop up randomly with more value.  When 5 targets have been hit, the hurry up is complete.  Complete 2 hurry ups for an extra ball.

Any more then 2 swimmers eaten in a row is not tolerated and will be subject to severe penalty.

Under the Boat (Loop)

"He's a smart big fish, he's gone under the boat"

Hit the loop to send the ball under the Orca boat.  After a certain number of shots, Shark Cage Attack will light at the left scoop.

Shooting the left loop lights the lock at the left scoop (Barrel Multiball)

Shooting the right loop lights the lock at the right ramp (Orca Multiball)

Shark Cage Attack

"...you go in the water, shark's in the water, our shark"

Hit the left scoop when Shark Cage is lit to start the Shark Cage Attack.  After the famous line from Quint : "You go inside the cage, cage goes in the water, you go in the water, sharks in the water", which plays as the video screen shows the cage lowering into the water, the ball is loaded into the harpoon launcher.  Keep your eyes open, Jaws can now attack at any moment. When he does, make the flashing shot to scare him off.  He will attack again.  When and where he attacks is completely random.  

Each time Jaws attacks the cage a timer will start.  Make the shot before the timer runs down to survive.

The mode is complete and an extra ball is won when you survive all the attacks and escape the cage.

Only the first shot is loaded into the harpoon launcher.

The same shot will not light twice in a row.

If Panic Hurry Up and Shark Cage Attack are both lit at the left scoop, they will activate on a priority basis - which ever was lit first, starts first.

Pro Tip

The attacks are completely random so have the ball ready on the flipper when the next shot lights.

Harpoon Kickback

"Hello coastguard, this is Orca, mayday"

Shoot the 3 small stand up targets to activate the left outlane kickback for a limited time.  Completing the targets when the kickback is already active will extend the timer.

The Bumpers - Beach Panic, Ben Gardner, Mary Lee, USS Indianapolis

"Some bad hat Harry"


Hit the bumpers a certain number of times to activate Super Pops, Mega Pops and Ultra pops.

The bumper value is multiplied by the number of balls in play.

Beach Panic

"We have to close the beaches"

Hit the bumpers to create panic in the water.  Make the required number of hits to close the beaches and activate Super Pops.

When the ball enters the bumper area, it's depicts the scene in the movie when the swimmers are screaming and rushing out of the water.  The panic will continue while the ball is active in the bumpers and then stops when the ball exits.


Ben Gardner (Super Pops)

"I'm not drunk enough to get on a boat!"

When Super Pops is lit, hit the bumpers to move in on Ben Gardner's boat, then dive down and investigate the hull.

Mary Lee Bonus (Mega Pops)

"...not a bad record for this vicinity"

When Mary Lee is lit, Quint will recite: "Here lies the body of Mary Lee....".  Keep the ball in the bumpers long enough (9 seconds) to hear the complete rhyme and score the Mary Lee Bonus (103,000).

USS Indianapolis Speech (Ultra Pops)

"...the ocean turns red"

When the Mary Lee Bonus is collected, the Super Pops and Mary Lee inserts will flash.  The next shot into the bumpers will start Quint's USS Indianapolis speech.  Each time the ball exits the bumpers the speech will pause, then resume when the ball enters the bumper area again.  Listen to the whole speech to win an Extra Ball.

The Indianapolis speech is edited down to 95 seconds for the game.  This is the amount of time the ball must collectively remain active in the bumpers to win the Extra Ball.

One of the prizes won during the Killer Shark mini game is Ultra Pops lit from the start, so the Indianapolis speech will play as soon as the ball enters the bumper area from the right lane entrance.

Shark Attack Targets

"It's a carcharodon carcharias; it's a great white"

Each time the 3 centre stand up targets are hit, Jaws will ram the Orca.   When all 3 lights are lit, the right inner lane will light. Shoot the right inner lane to open Jaws mouth.

Completing the 3 centre targets when any of the Jaws Lock lights are flashing (lock already qualified), will start the Pond feature.

During any multiball, these 3 targets will increase the Jackpot value.

The Pond

"The pond is for old ladies"

A shark's fin will pop up and sweep right to left in front of the centre targets.  Hit all 3 of the centre targets while avoiding the shark's fin to win an extra ball (the shark's fin will be exposed as a hoax.)

Hit the shark's fin and Jaws will attack and kill another victim. 

Pro Tip

If you want to finish the game without any civilian casualties, it's best to try and avoid this feature.  It's extremely hard to complete the 3 stand up targets behind the sweeping shark's fin.   

The Orca Ramp

"You're on board my boat.....and I'm captain"

Hit the right ramp a certain number of times to activate Super Ramps and then Mega Ramps.

The ramp value is multiplied by the number of balls in play.


"You heard him, full ahead!"

Quick, successive shots to any loop or ramp will award a combo bonus, which resets when the combo ends.

A Super Combo is awarded for 4 or more combos.

Hitting Jaws in the face as a combo from the right ramp, will immediately light Panic Attack if not already lit


There is a special high score for the Combo Champion.

Skill Shot

"We're going to draw him into the shallows.  Draw him in and drown him"

When launching from the plunger lane, the 3 centre targets will blink rapidly for the Skill Shot.  When launching from the harpoon, 1 of the 3 centre targets will blink rapidly for the Super Skill Shot.

The Super Skill Shot will only be available if at least 1 Skill Shot has been collected.


Saved By The Bell Ball Saver

"Can we go home now"

Hit the 2 right stand up targets to activate the left outlane target and again to light the right outlane target.  Completing the targets again will activate the Super Harpoon


Hitting the outlane targets will activate the ball saver for a limited time and deactivate the Super Harpoon if active.

Pro Tip

As the ball is heading out to the left or right outlane drains, there is a good chance it will hit these targets on it's way out, enabling the ball saver.  So make the 2 right targets a priority shot to keep the ball alive longer. 

Super Harpoon Ball Save

"Hold her steady now, got something very big"

When qualified, a drained ball will be automatically loaded into the harpoon launcher.   Hit the flashing harpoon button on the lock down bar to fire the ball back into play.


When the Super Harpoon is activated, both outlane targets will reset.

Civilian Casualty Bonus

"My son is dead.  I wanted you to know that"

Finish the game without a single civilian casualty to play The Killer Shark mini game.

Civilian casualties (swimmers eaten) can occur during Panic Hurry UpThe Pond and Orca Multiball and Barrel Multiball (when Jaws is hit).

A swimmer is also eaten when the game is tilted.

Jaws: The Killer Shark Mini Game

"Jesus H. Christ"

A mock 8-bit Jaws game realised as a physical experience.

A ball will be loaded into the harpoon launcher.  Shoot the random shark target that pops up and down to win a prize.

Randomly, the middle shark fin drop targets will pop up and sweep for the star prize.  This 'sweeper' shot only lasts for a few seconds and can only be activated once per game.

This feature is now timed; a 10 second countdown starts when the harpoon swings out.  If the harpoon isn't fired before the time runs out, it's automatically fired to release the ball.

Prizes won are modifiers that can be used in the next game and include:

+ 4 seconds added to the ball saver

More time during Shark Cage Attack

Super Pops or Super Ramps lit at the start

Super Harpoon activated at the start

Reduced qualifying shots for Panic Hurry Up and Shark Cage Attack 

Easy Mode activation

More time to Kill Jaws in the final confrontation.

...and more.

Randomly, the player can also win another go, in which case the harpoon will swing faster and the shark targets will pop up and down quicker.

This feature is for single player games only and can be skipped.

Easy Mode

"You've got city hands....been counting money all your life"

When activated, the rules for qualifying the 3 main mission inserts is simplified: Instead of collecting the Super Jackpot in each case, the inserts are qualified when the modes are first started.


"You're not going out with those nuts are you?"

Up to 3 players can play.  Each new player will become a character from the movie: Player one is Brody; player two is Quint and player three is Hooper.

The winner is announced at the end of the game.

Match and Keep Playing

"I'll never put on a life jacket again"

Match the number to win an extra ball and keep playing.

You have a 1 in 5 chance of winning an extra ball.

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