Star Trek (Stern) - ULTIMATE Pro 1.04

Based on Stern's Star Trek game but with a modified and improved rule set.   Here's a quick summary of the changes:

For a more exciting and cinematic experience I added an LCD screen which plays movie clips.  These clips replace the basic DMD animations used in the real machine, which are not used in this game.


I rearranged the order or the medals - Bronze is the cross, Silver is the star and Gold is the Starfleet Insignia.  All medals are converted into bonus points at the end of each game (in the real game, they are only converted during the Captain's Chair mission).  I also added new medals not featured in the real game.

I removed the Warp Ramp and replaced it with a scoop which now serves as Warp Speed, same function as the ramp it replaces but offering a new chance to divert the ejected ball into the bumpers.  It also serves as a stopping point to start Klingon Multiball.

The loops have player-controlled gates so the ball can be diverted into the bumpers during single ball play by holding down the left or right flippers. 

The Vengeance ship will now attack the Enterprise during Vengeance Multiball, causing damage to the shields and eventually hull integrity.  New lights on the Vengeance will show a laser attack and holographic explosions are used to show hits to the Enterprise.

Vengeance Multiball now starts by firing all 3 locked balls back out from the ship for more excitement.

A super torpedo shot has been added - light all the torpedo lights to enable a super torpedo that takes down the Vengenace's shield in one shot.

There are now 2 tiers to each mission instead of 3 making it easier and less tedious to reach the final mission.

The Klingon mission has been improved: the Klingon ships are cloaked at the start and bumper hits are needed to make each one appear before they can be attacked.

Klingon Multiball now starts at the Warp Scoop.

Hitting the Warp Scoop can randomly cause an anomaly event.

All missions are now timed and progress is saved next time the same mission is restarted.  A Gold medal is now awarded for completing any mission first time without a restart.

The left mission saucer can now eject to 2 different places: a VUK to the left ramp and a normal eject back to the left flipper.

Power can now be diverted from the weapons system to the shields providing units of power are stored.

I added a new Captain's Chair mission - Genesis, which brings back the original Star Trek crew.

Mission shots (7) are reduced to 6 if the mission is started by a shot to the Away Team lane (behind the upper right flipper).

Match has been removed and replaced with a buy-in feature, where points can be traded for an Extra Ball.

Switchable Backglass Art

Change the backglass art at any time by pressing the special 2 key.  There are 2 options available.

Mission Select

At the start of a new game, the mission selection will activate.  Choose the next mission by navigating the choices with the left and right flippers.  Make the selection by pressing the Punch It button.

For the rest of the game, mission selection can only be activated by shooting the left kicker/VUK or shooting behind the right upper flipper to the plunger lane, when the mission start or away team inserts are blinking.

Mission progress is saved and will resume where it left off until completed.  Shots remaining are displayed during the mission selection.

The Main Missions

There are 6 main missions to complete, stacked in 2 tiers.  Each mission requires 7 shots to complete.  The 2nd to last shot will always light all 6 main shots.  Shoot any of the main mission shots to complete the mission.

Prime Directive - all 6 main shots are lit.  Extinguish all the shots to complete the mission.

- Phase 1: Lead the natives away from the volcano by having them chase Kirk and Bones off a cliff.

- Phase 2: Lower Spock into the volcano and set the charge to save the planet.

Klingon Battle - the bumpers are lit.  Shooting the bumpers a certain number of times will light a main shot arrow each time (the Klingons will de-cloak.)  Make any of the main shots to complete the mission.

- Phase 1: Fly to Kronos and avoid Klingon detection.

- Phase 2: Fight the Klingons and capture Khan.

Space Jump - both ramps are lit.  Shoot the ramps to complete the mission.

- Phase 1: Make the jump across space to the Vengeance ship. 

- Phase 2:  Get to the Vengance's bridge and take over the ship.

Destroy the Drill - the left kicker and the Vengeance kicker are lit.  Make shots to either kicker to complete the mission.

- Phase 1: Land on the drill platform.

- Phase 2: Destroy the drill and save Kirk and Sulu as they fall without a parachute

Nero - the orbits are lit.  Shoot the orbits to complete the mission.

- Phase 1: Attack Nero's ship with the red matter and create a singularity.

- Phase 2: Escape the singularity and watch Nero die.

Save the Enterprise - the orbits and ramps are lit.  Shoot the ramps and orbits to complete the mission.

- Phase 1: The Enterprise is falling to Earth, get to the warp core.

- Phase 2: Reactivate the Enterprise's engines and pull away from Earth.

Each time a mission shot is made, the mission time is extended by 8 seconds.

Mission progress is saved after the mission ends unsuccessfully.  The player can resume where they left off when the mission is restarted.  The number of shots made (out of 7) are displayed on the DMD when navigating each mission during mission select.

The same shots are used for phase 1 and phase 2.  The scores are increased and the timers are reduced as the difficulty increases.

Pro Tip:

Missions can be continued into the Vengeance multiball, so save the tricky missions for the multiball and use the additional balls to finish them.

Starting the difficult Klingon Battle mission from the plunger lane will allow the ball to be directed into the bumpers.  Hitting the bumpers is the only way to light the mission arrows for this mission.  

Away Team Lane

During any mission, shooting the away team lane after winning a bronze medal will award a silver medal and will double up all lit mission shots.  The next shot to any lit mission arrow will count as 2 hits instead of 1.  The mission arrows will blink much quicker to indicate the double up shot.  Once the double up shot is made, the mission arrows will return to normal.

Starting the missions by shooting the Away Team will reduce the amount of mission shots required from 7 to 6.

Captain's Chair Missions

When all 6 main missions are completed, the Captain's Chair mission will start.  There are 2 Captain's Chair missions, 1 for each tier completed:

Tier 1 - Kobyashi Maru

Tier 2 - Genesis


Captain's Chair Mission # 1: Kobyashi Maru

Kobyashi Maru will start immediately after the last shot is made to complete the first tier, unless during an active multiball mode, in which case it will start immediately after the multiball ends.

Each of the main 6 shots is allocated to 1 of the 6 main missions.  The value of each shot is determined by the amount of points scored when that mission was played.

When all 6 main shots are cleared, the red ship inserts will light.  These are the Kobyashi Maru Super Jackpots.  The value of these Jackpots is determined by the number of medals won.  Clear them all to win the mode.

This is a timed mode but more time can be added by collecting the Black Hole mystery.

Captain's Chair Mission # 2: Genesis

The Enterprise is caught in stasis and the entire crew age 30 years into the future.  Only the Genesis project can return their youth. 

For now (version 1.03) the rules for this mode are exactly the same as Kobyashi Maru.  But a future update will see this final mission completely revised.

Captain's Chair Specials

Complete a line of 3 missions to activate the Super Pops, Super Ramps and Super Spinner.  These specials will remain active until the tier resets after the Captain's Chair mission ends.

Campaign Medals

Bronze, silver and gold medals are awarded during missions when the following objectives are completed:

Bronze - (cross) complete any 3 mission shots

Silver - (star) shoot the away team lane (when lit) during any mission

Gold - (Starfleet Insignia) complete the mission first time without a restart

Medals are used to calculate the super Jackpot values during the Captain's Chair missions (hold up both flippers to see the status report).

If the game is over before reaching any Captain's Chair mission, the medals are converted into points and added to the player's final score.

During multiplayer games, campaign medals (gold, silver and bronze) are awarded on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Special Service Medals

Additional medals can be won for destroying the Vengeance and collecting the Super Jackpot; becoming the grand champion and for beating the game.

Platinum War Hero Medal - destroy the Vengeance and collect the Super Jackpot

Starfleet Medal of Valour - achieve the highest score

Freedom Medal - beat the game

Star Cross - win a multiplayer game

Shield Targets

Hit the 2 shield stand up targets to activate the left kickback for a limited time.   If the kickback is already active, completing the shield targets extends the timer.

The Enterprise takes damage during Vengeance multiball - the Vengeance will counter each hit with it's own devastating attack.  Completing the shield targets during Vengeance multiball increases the Enterprise's shields.  


When the shields are depleted, the next attack from the Vengeance will disable the Enterprise and one or both of the flippers will cease to function.

Which flipper stops functioning is random.  It could be left, right or both.  The inactive flippers will not respond until the shields are reactivated.  If both flippers are inactive, use power from the weapons to divert power to the shields (you must have at least 1 torpedo loaded.)

Pro Tip:

Listen out for the Enterprise's shield status which are called out during the battle.   Each attack on the Vengeance will cause a counter attack so don't attack it if your shields are too low.  Focus on powering up your shields and then continue the attack.

Diverting Power (automatic)

Power can be diverted from the weapons to the shields providing at least 3 units of power (or 3 torpedoes) are ready.  When the ball is heading down the left outlane when the kickback is not lit, the kickback will automatically fire consuming 3 units of diverted power.

Pro Tip:

Leave at least 3 torpedoes active just in case you need them to divert power to the kickback if the ball is heading down the left outlane.

Warp Scoop

Make shots to the warp scoop to instantly send the ball around the orbit and back to the right flipper.  The ball is fired from the Klingon ship as the warp scoop's destination is Kronos.

When Warp 8 is achieved, double scoring will activate for 60 seconds.

When Warp 9 is achieved, the next shot to the warp scoop will award an extra ball and warp speed resets back to zero.

Warp resets back to zero when the ball is lost but progress can be held over to the next ball as a Black Hole mystery award.

Warp speed can also be advanced by making 5 complete orbit shots.

There is a special 'Warp Champion' high score for the highest number of Warps.  This resets when the RAM is reset.

Pro Tip:

Hold down the right flipper as the ball makes the warp jump to divert it into the bumpers.  This is useful if you want to increase the bonus multiplier or need to hit the bumpers as a mission objective. 


Divert the ball into the bumpers from a left or right loop shot, and when the ball exits the bumper area, it will be moving much slower and easier to aim at the warp scoop.

The Anomaly

At random times warping will create an anomaly.  The playfield will flicker as the power shorts circuits.  Anything can happen during this event.

Time travel is one of the rarest anomalies and can fast forward to any Captain's Chair mission, instantly completing all Tier 1 lights.

Torpedo Targets

Hit the 3 weapons targets to arm torpedoes.  Fire torpedoes at the Vengeance ship by hitting the Punch It button.

3 torpedoes are armed after the weapon targets are completed when no torpedoes are ready.  Then 2, then 1 thereafter.

Store 8 torpedoes to arm the super torpedo which will instantly take down the Vengeance when the Punch It button is hit during Vengeance multiball.  

At any other time, using the super torpedo will instantly lower the Vengeance's shields and the next shot to the Vengeance will start the multiball.

Pro Tip:

Once the Vengeance shields are down, firing torpedoes does no further damage until multiball starts.  Stack up torpedoes before entering the battle for an easy victory.  If all 8 torpedoes are ready, the super torpedo will instantly take down the Vengeance with one hit.

Vengeance Scoring

When the Vengeance is hit 6 times, Vengeance scoring will start the next time the Vengeance kicker is hit.  This is a hurry up mode, where the objective is to hit the Vengeance drop target before the value drops below 2 million.  Scoring starts at 10 million and drops to 2 Million in only 10 seconds, so a quick and accurate shot is required. 

Complete Vengeance scoring 3 times in a game to win an extra ball.

This feature depicts the scene in the movie where Khan takes over the Vengeance, and will start with the line: "No ship should go down without her captain."  The wining shot will show the Vengeance being badly damaged.  This is not to be confused with Vengeance multiball, which has it's own story - the 2 are not connected.

Vengeance scoring will stop immediately if any stopping point is hit - kicker/scoop/away team lane.

Vengeance Multiball

Firing torpedoes at the Vengeance will damage it's shields.  When it's shields are depleted, shoot the Vengeance kicker to start the multiball.  3 balls (missiles) are fired from the Vengeance and the battle begins.  

Phase 1:  Destroy the Vengeance

Shoot the weapons targets to arm torpedoes and hit the Punch It button to attack the Vengeance.  A direct hit to the Vengeance kicker also counts as a hit.

Each attack will damage the Vengeance's hull integrity.   After a certain amount of hits the Vengeance will be destroyed completely.

Phase 2: Collect the Jackpots

The orbit lanes and ramps are now lit for Jackpots.  Collect them all to light the super jackpot at the Vengeance kicker.  The Jackpot lanes will then re-light and the process repeats.  When the Vengeance super Jackpot is collected, a platinum (war hero) medal is awarded.

Activating the Black Hole mystery will add-a-ball each time up to a maximum of 3 balls.

Klingon Lock Targets

Hit the 3 lock targets to activate ball locks at the left kicker and Vengeance kicker.  When 2 balls are locked, the light above the warp kicker will blink.  Shoot the warp kicker to start Klingon Multiball.

Klingon Multiball

2 balls are fired in quick succession from the hidden eject below the Klingon ship.  The small red ship lights for all shots will start flashing.  Shoot these targets for the Jackpots.  Clear them all to light the Super Jackpot (6.25m) at the warp scoop and Vengeance Kicker.  When the Super Jackpot is won, the main jackpot lights will turn back on.  Repeat the process for the Double Super Jackpot (20m) and then the Klingon Super Jackpot (50m).

Activating the Black Hole mystery will add-a-ball each time up to a maximum of 3 balls.

Pro Tip:

Klingon Multiball has huge scoring potential with the Klingon Super Jackpot awarding 50m each time.  Try to activate Double Scoring before starting Klingon Multiball to get massive points.

Player-Controlled Gates

The player has control over the left and right gates that lead to the rollover lanes and the bumpers.  Holding down the left flipper closes the left gate (blocking the left loop) and holding down the right flipper closes the right gate (blocking the right loop).

Player-controlled gates are not active during any multiball mode.

Pro Tip:

Diverting the ball into the bumpers is essential during the Klingon Battle mission.  Use the ball saver to allow the ball to drain, and as the saved ball is auto-launched into play,  hold down the left flipper to ensure the ball diverts into the bumpers.


Shooting any lit main shot will light the small red ship insert on all the other lit shots.  Make a shot to any lit red ship insert for combo scoring.  Keep the combo going for more points. 

Alpha and Beta Quadrant Ramps

Shooting the ramps awards an increasing score value which resets when the ball is lost.

Super Ramps are activated when 3 qualifying missions are completed in a row.

Impulse Power Loops

Shoot the loops (orbits) for an increasing Impulse Power score value.  After a certain number of loops are made, the warp factor will increase by 1.

Black Hole (Red Matter) Mystery

Complete the 5 small Red Matter stand up targets to light the Black Hole mystery at the centre target.  Shoot the Black Hole mystery target to win a mystery bonus.

During multiball modes, the mystery will always add-a-ball up to a maximum of 3 balls, after which time normal mystery awards are given.

1 of the random mystery awards is a mission shot.  Getting this will count as 1 of your mission shots.

If a player is having a bad game and has less than 20m points and is on the last ball, the Black Hole mystery will always award an extra ball.

Pro Tip:

Light the Black Hole target prior to multiball to get the add-a-ball with the next hit, and make the Red Matter shots a priority during multiball to maintain 3 balls in play.


The value of the spinner is increased when the in/out lanes are completed.

Super Spinners are activated when 3 qualifying missions are completed in a row.


The value of the bumpers will increase every 25 hits.

Super Bumpers are activated when 3 qualifying missions are completed in a row.

The ball can be diverted into the bumpers at any time by the player using the player-controlled gates, from shots to the left or right orbits or from the warp exit.

Skill Shot # 1

Launch the ball holding down the right flipper button to close the orbit gate.  The ball will roll down the right lane to the upper right flipper.  Make the shot to the warp kicker to score the skill shot and add 1 second to the ball save timer.

Skill Shot # 2

Launch the ball and allow it to complete the orbit and return to the left flipper.  Immediately shoot either the right ramp or right orbit lane to score the skill shot and add 1 second to the ball save timer.

The skill shot lights will blink at the start of each new ball.

A skill shot to the warp kicker will be fired back out from the warp kicker.  This does not count as a warp drive hit.

Bonus Held/Warp Held

Awarded as a mystery bonus award.  When qualified, the bonus multiplier or warp speed value is held over to the next ball.

Status Report

Hold either flipper for 4 seconds (out of mode) to get a status report.  The status report will show the total score value of each successfully completed mission.  This value is used as the jackpot during Kobyashi Maru and Genesis modes.

The status report will also show how many bronze, silver and gold medals have been won for that tier, and calculates the medal jackpot value (the super jackpot during Kobyashi Maru and Genesis modes.)

Red Alert Save

When the last ball of the game is heading down the left or right out lanes, a Red Alert will sound.  Quickly bash the action button to light all the apron lights and save the ball.  7 action button hits are required before the ball reaches the drain.

If the ball is saved, it is fired back into play through the flippers and an 8 second ball saver will activate.

Pro Tip:

Try to anticipate this action and have your hand (or finger) ready on the action button at the precise moment the ball starts to drain.


Up to 4 players can play. Only Player One has the option to start a new mission from the plunger lane with the first ball, so to make it fair, toss a coin to decide who goes first.

When any multiplayer game is over, the winner is announced and a special medal is awarded.

Extra Ball Points Buy-In

Only available when the player scores at least 30 million points.

The option to buy an extra ball and continue playing will cost 10% of your total score.  So if you have 10,000,000 score, the cost is 1,000,000 and your new score is 9,000,000.

Only 1 extra ball buy-in per game.


This feature is disabled during multiplayer games.

An extra ball is won when the player's total score reaches or exceeds 250 million.

© 2020 by MadeUpBullcrap.  Some of the media used to create these video games are freely available on the net and I consider my work as non profit fan art.

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