F-14 TomCat - ULTIMATE Pro 1.01 Ruleset

The basic rules of F-14 TomCat are still in place but I have made some modifications and added new features.


In a nutshell: Complete T-O-M C-A-T 3 times to lock 3 balls for multiball.  Shoot down 7 enemy fighters to confront General Yakov.  Kill Yakov to win the EXTRA BALL.




There are 2 sets of T-O-M C-A-T targets.  Hitting any target will also light it's duplicate:  'T' on the lower set will also light 'T' on the upper set for example.


Completing T-O-M C-A-T will activate each ball lock.  Balls are locked by shooting the upper right VUK when lock is lit.


Ball locks can be stacked so when all 3 locks are ready (after completing T-O-M C-A-T x 3) 3 balls can be locked one after the other.   


If T-O-M C-A-T is completed again after 3 balls are locked, then a shot to the Yakov Kicker will start multiball.  


When all 3 balls are locked, multiball is ready to start.




A shot to the upper right VUK will start multiball. 


The objective during multiball is to out maneuver the enemy by making shots to the upper right VUK.  3 shots are required to

score the Fighter Jackpot.


The Fighter Jackpot is progressive and increases at the end of each game (if not won in that game.)


Completing T-O-M C-A-T during multiball will activate the SPECIAL at the left and right outlanes.


Enemy Kill Shots


7 planes need to be destroyed before facing General Yakov.  Each plane has it's own light insert on the lower playfield (alpha, bravo, charlie...etc.)  There are 4 ways to get kill shots:


- Shots to the Yakov kicker will award 1 kill.


- Lighting the left and right inlane inserts will light the Kill Shot at the centre targets for 1 kill.


- Quick shots to the Yakov Kicker or the upper right VUK will award 3 kills.


General Yakov


When the last plane is destroyed, General Yakov will appear.  There are 2 ways to defeat him:


- 5 shots to the 2 centre targets (machine gun fire.)


- 2 direct shots to the Yakov kicker (homing missiles.)   Yakov will deploy flares randomly so missiles can miss *


* If a Quick Shot is made to the left or right, this qualifies as an instant kill, so only 1 shot is required to destroy Yakov.


Your plane will take damage if the ball lands in any of the open landing kickers, the left kickback or the upper right VUK (apart from a Quick Shot), so avoid any areas were the ball stops or is held (Yakov will fire his machine guns at you.)  Damage increases by 20% each time.  When it reaches 100%, your plane will explode and you d-d-d-d-die.  The mode ends, Yakov escapes and you lose the EXTRA BALL.


An EXTRA BALL is awared for defeating General Yakov. 


A new squadron of 7 fighters will then appear and the process repeats with increased score values.


Quick Shots


Skilled quick shots are rewarded with 2 kills and big points.  They activate only for a few seconds when the ball returns to the left or right flipper from the flipper lanes.


The left quick shot is the Yakov Kicker.  The right quick shot is the upper right VUK.  Both shots are clearly indicated by the flashing lights.


Evasive Maneuvers


Shooting the upper right VUK during normal play (when ball lock and quick shot are not active) will activate an evasive maneuver - your plane will either bank left, right, pitch up or roll out.  The ball is then ejected onto one of the wire ramps and rests in the kicker.  The enemy will lock on when the ball is not moving so the ball is fired back out to avoid an enemy missile.  


When the upper right VUK is hit when fighting General Yakov, he will fire his machine guns at you.


Thrust Combo


Consecutive shots to the middle lane (orbit) will award combos.


Hot Streak


After an orbit shot, Hot Streak will activate for a short time.  Any shot to any upper T-O-M C-A-T target using the upper flippers will score a progressive Hot Streak bonus and reset the Hot Streak timer. 


Rescue Targets


Hitting the alternating rescue lights in the centre will activate the left kickback.   When the kickback (rescue) is used, hit the lit rescue target to relight it.


The resuce targets will also award 1 kill when the centre kill shot insert is flashing (after lighting both in lanes.)


Rescue Kickback


When the ball is fired back into play from the kickback, it will be because of 2 reasons - a near miss with an enemy fighter or enemy machine gun fire which causes damage to your aircraft.


Aircraft Damage - Emergency Landing


Any damage to your aircraft can be rapaired by making an emergency landing at the top right VUK at any time during normal play.  A Repair Bonus is awarded based on how much damage is repaired (20%, 40%, 60% etc.)


When your aircaft is 100% damaged, all End of Ball bonuses and multipliers are cleared and you lose the lot.  Damage is then reset.


Your aircraft can not be repaired during the General Yakov fight.  It will be fully repaired automatically after the fight ends.


Bonus X


Hitting the strobbing 1-6 targets in the centre of the playfield will light the centre lane orbit (both entrances.)  Shoot the centre lane orbit to advance the Bonus X.  When the maximum bonus is achieved (x8), the EXTRA BALL will light.


The spinner value is also increased when the Bonus X is lit.




When the Special is collected at the left or right out lanes, the insurance light will activate and the ball will be returned to play from the drain (centre, through the flippers.)




After the ball is fired back from the Yakov kicker, the insurance will activate for a few seconds.  Any ball that drains as a direct result of this action will be returned directly from the drain (through the flippers.)


End of Ball Bonus Points


Bonus points, as indicated by the right row of arrows, are awarded each time an event is completed during the game. 


Total Kills


The final kills total will appear after the last ball has drained.  It shows how many enemy planes the player shot down during the game.  This value is then multiplied and added to the final score.


Enemy Kill Champion


A special highscore for the most enemy kills is presentated with the top 4 highest scores during the attract sequence.




The end of game match will award an extra ball for continued play if won (single player game only.)



Multiplayer support for this game is only partial:  Players will have seperate scores and kill tallys, and all players will face General Yakov individually but progress towards multiball is not saved or reset for each player.  

© 2020 by MadeUpBullcrap.  Some of the media used to create these video games are freely available on the net and I consider my work as non profit fan art.

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