In the beginning, Future Pinball played like crap.   Then one day someone found a way to access Future Pinball's physics settings which allowed all game creators to adjust the physics to suit their own personal preference.

Over the years Future Pinball's physics have steadily improved, and more recently dynamic flippers were created in BAM to fix the poor accuracy from the flippers. 

All these improvements are now a feature of Better Arcade Mode (BAM) and can be adjusted by anyone in the game script. 

To get started, install Future Pinball, then read my "Performance Issues" to fix all the problems.  Then Download and install BAM.  Future Pinball will run through BAM and apply any physics settings saved.


All my tables are optimised for the latest version of BAM and cannot be played without it.

Physics Update

Future Pinball does have a few bugs but here's some useful tips to ensure a trouble-free playing experience:


1.  Future Pinball is old so it must be run in compatibility mode (Windows XP Service Pack 3).  And you must run it as the adminstrator.  Strange things will happen if you don't.  To do this simply right click on the game icon and go into properties/compatability.


2. You need to untick the "Load Image into Table Editor" box in the Editor Options.  It's ticked by default and can cause missing textures and slow performance.   Once it's unticked, it will stay unticked for good.


3. If you have the black text bug, exit Future Pinball and restart, then reload the table and immediately go to "Table Info" and change the text colour to your choice.  SAVE the table and now It's fixed for good but the bug will reoccur if you change any of the settings in "Table Info", so don't.  There is now a fix here.


4. Untick "Render the Game Room" in the graphics settings.  Mainly because the default game room is pig ugly but also because it will overlap my custom game room.


5. When you load a new table make sure you also exit and restart Future Pinball.  If you close a table and not the editor, loading a new table can cause problems.  A fresh start for each table will clear the memory and ensure the best performance.


6. Some of my tables use custom DMD animations (like Nightmare on Elm Street for example).  Make sure you untick the box "disable GLSL shader" in the video preferences otherwise you won't see any of them.


7. If you're experiencing long loading times, then chances are you have Texture Filtering set to Trilinear.  Tick the Bilinear box instead.  Loading times will speed up without any loss to graphics quality.


8. Any other issues or help needed, visit the forums at GoPinball.

Performance Issues

All my tables have version numbers so make sure you have the very latest update.   I normally list all the fixes and updates in the script of each table.


My tables were built and tested mainly for use on a normal desktop set up.  I don't have a pincab set up but I can test the games in arcade render view so I have noticed some differences in some of the games.  Back to the Future for example will not display the time circuits in arcade render mode.  This is because I built the time circuits on the backboard not the table. The backboard is part of the backglass so they won't show up.

Game Updates

I can only fix bugs that I find myself or that have been reported to me.  Trust me, I'll find and fix them all eventually but some will slip through my play testing. 


If you find any bugs please let me know by sending me an email via the contact box on the home page or post a comment below.  It will help me if you tell me what type of set up you have - desktop or pincab, normal or arcade renderer and if you're playing single or multiplayer games.

Bug Reporting

Bug Reporting

Q:  How do I activate Punch It on your Star Trek table?


A:  The Punch It key (same with AC/DC, Iron Man and Aliens Legacy) is the button on the lock down bar.  To activate it you need to press the Special 1 Key.  This can be allocated to any key you want (I use the left Control Key on my keyboard).  In the Future Pinball editor, go to Preferences/Game Keys and Control and map a button on your keyboard or gamepad to Special 1.  It will save the settings when you exit so no need to do it again.


Q:  What are ULTIMATE Pro Editions?


A:  ULTIMATE Pro (previously ULTIMATE Editions) take advantage of the extra features only available in BAM.  They have much better physics and lighting.  Plus, I've also enhanced these editions with ball rolling sound effects and added much more media content.

Q: The audio is out of sync with the movie clips.  How can I fix this?

A: All my games are optimised to run at 60 fps.  If you're running my games at 30 fps then the audio will not sync with the movie clips.  Adjust the Film Speed setting in the script until the audio is perfectly synced.  Then buy a new computer so you can play my games at 60 fps!

Q: What's your Rig?  And how's your performance?

A: I own a low end gaming rig.  It's powered by an ageing AMD FX 6350 6 core processor with 8GB of RAM.  A Geforce GTX 1050 takes care of the graphics.  And that's all I need to run FP flawlessly in HD at 60fps, with everything BAM has to offer. 

Q: How do you capture game footage at 60fps?

A: I use an old version of FRAPS.  Until recently I wasn't able to capture HD 60fps footage while playing because my card wasn't powerful enough.  Today that's not an issue.  There are better alternatives to capturing game footage but this works fine so I stick with it.  I then use Power Director to edit the footage and upload to YouTube.  I keep my vids quick and entertaining. 

Q: Will you ever create tables for VP?

A: Future Pinball is much easier to work with and has better options.  It also allows for much more creativity which is why it used to be so popular with original game creators.  VP is great at creating exact recreations of real tables because it uses the same ROM.  Unless VP is updated with a new real time 3D engine and added features, I won't be making games for it.   

Common Questions

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