A Nightmare on Elm Street - ULTIMATE Pro 1.01 Ruleset

Pussy Mode

Press the Special 1 key at any time to turn Pussy Mode on and off.  Pussy Mode will stop Freddy from doing mischievous things to disrupt your game.


Skill Shot


The SOUL target lights will sweep back and forth.  Shoot when the "O" in SOUL is flashing to win the Skill Shot and an increasing score value.  Each successful Skill Shot will also increase the ball save timer by 1 second each time.  Every 3rd successful shot will activate the left out lane ball saver (Hell Saver) for a limited time.

The speed of the sweeping SOUL lights will increase after each successful Skill Shot.

The ball saver is also activated by making the Skill Shot.

Awake/Sleep State


"One, two Freddy's coming for you..".


The table can switch states between awake and sleep by hitting the awake/sleep target when flashing.  Certain objectives are only available when the table is in a certain state.


The awake/sleep target is lit by hitting all 4 small stand up targets. 

The game starts in awake state.




"Welcome to my nightmare.  Bitch"


Shooting the left and right drop targets to spell N-I-G-H-T-M-A-R-E will light the movie start light at the main scoop.

If NIGHTMARE is completed when ELM STREET is also completed (to spell Nightmare on Elm Street) then the Freddy Frenzy is lit at the main scoop.

Freddy Frenzy


"Sticks and stones may break my bones but nothing will ever kill me"


Shoot the main scoop when Freddy Frenzy is lit.  For a limited time, all targets are worth 1 Million points.  Orbit shots will increase this value by 100k each time.


Soul Spinner


"I'll get you my pretty and your little soul too"


Hit all 4 centre stand up targets to spell S-O-U-L, then shoot the main scoop to activate the Soul Spinner.


The Soul Spinner will spin and the ball will stop on one of the F-R-E-D-D-Y letters.  Collect all the letters to start Souls of the Children Multiball.

If the ball lands on a letter already lit, a score bonus is awarded.

Because of the randomness and difficultly of collecting all the letters, the F-R-E-D-D-Y letters will remain lit when the game ends, until they are all collected.  So this is a progressive feature up for grabs to anyone.  You may have all the letters lit except the 'Y' then play several more games before you get it.


The end of game match sequence will not reset the lights.


Souls of the Children Multiball


"The souls of the children give me strength"


Complete F-R-E-D-D-Y at the Soul Spinner to release 7 souls (balls) onto the playfield.  Shoot the flashing shots to reduce the timer, but avoid all scoops and the drain as these are open portals to Hell and any souls that enter will be claimed by Freddy.  


Save as many souls as you can before the timer runs down by keeping the balls in play (Freddy will not allow cradling the ball, so don't even try it.)   When the timer runs down, the souls are saved and jackpots are multiplied by the remaining souls.  Now shoot the flashing shots for Jackpots and Super Jackpots.


Total souls saved will be used to multiply your final score at the end of the game.


A special high score is reserved for Soul Savers.


The Furnace


"Now be a good little doggy and go fetch"


Shoot the left ramp when the table is in the sleep state to get the ball into the furnace (upper playfield.)   Complete all the lights on all 4 targets to open the furnace.  Shoot the open furnace to lock a ball.  2 locked balls are needed for Furnace Multiball.  A 3rd ball shot into the furnace will start Furnace Multiball. 


Any shot to the left ramp when the table is in the awake state, will be diverted by Freddy as he flicks the ball off the wire rail.   This will light the scream bonus on the right inner lane each time and award an increasing ramp bonus.

Hitting the furnace door will light any unlit light on any row.

Furnace Multiball


Lock 2 balls in the furnace and then shoot the furnace again to start Furnace Multiball.  Shoot the flashing arrows for jackpots and the furnace for Super Jackpots.


E-L-M S-T-R-E-E-T Orbits


"Every town has an Elm Street"


Shoot the left orbit to spell E-L-M S-T-R-E-E-T and light the Video Mode.

Video Mode


"Great graphics"


Available at the right outer lane when ELM STREET is completed.


Use the flippers to select a furnace and then open it with the plunger button.  Find Freddy to win an award.  Find him 3 times in a row to win an extra ball.

Fail to find Freddy at least once and he will destroy the ball.


Combo/Super Combo

Combos and Super Combos can be made from consecutive shots from the upper left flipper to the right orbit.

H-E-L-L Ball Saver


"I am forever.  Too bad you're not"


Complete H-E-L-L on the in/out lanes to activate the ball saver for a limited time.

Shots to the school bus kicker will return to play from the Hell ball saver.


Power Shot


When the ball drops into the power shot kicker, it will be fired at the 4 incline targets blocking the School Bus Mystery Tour.  When all the targets are down, the ball will be fired directly into the School Bus Mystery Tour kicker.

The Power Shot is blocked during any multiball mode.


School Bus Mystery Tour


"No screaming while the bus is in motion"


Knock down all 4 incline targets in the left inner lane to light the School Bus Mystery Tour.  Hit the kicker to win a mystery award.


The ball will be returned from the lower left VUK (Hell Ball Saver) to the left flipper and the 4 incline targets will reset.

During an active mode, the School Bus Mystery will skip immediately past the video intro to the reward.


Scream Bonus


"Lets draw some blood"


Any shot to the left ramp when the table is in awake state will light the Scream Bonus at the right outer lane.  The Scream Bonus awards an increasing score value.


When 3 Scream Bonuses are collected, the Jackpot Value will also increase.


Flipper Lane Awards


Awards will be randomly lit on the left and right flipper lanes each time the table switches to a new state (awake or sleep.) Collect the award from the left or right in lanes.  The left out lane ball saver (Hell Ball Saver) will activate each time an award is collected.

Collect all the awards for each state and win an extra ball.


Movie Modes


"Welcome to prime time bitch"


The game starts in the first movie.  Completing NIGHTMARE will light movie start at the main scoop.  Shoot the scoop and then use the flippers to navigate the movies.  Press FIRE to make the selection and start the movie.

Each movie mode is based on events from one of the 7 sequels.

Freddy's Revenge

"We got special work to do here, me and you"


The kids are driven to school in the school bus but when Freddy's at the wheel, anything can happen.


Get the ball into the Power Shot kicker.  One of the Freddy incline targets will pop up and down very quickly.  Time your shot and press the plunger to fire.  Hit Freddy 3 times to clear the way to the school bus.   Miss the Freddy targets and the ball will be destroyed and you will lose a life.  You have 3 lives in this mode. 


When the school bus is hit after taking down Freddy, the kids are driven out into the desert and the mode is complete.


Dream Warriors


"This is it.  Your big break in TV"


The Dream Warriors - Kristen, Kincaid, Joey, Taryn and Will - all have the ability to control their dreams and use special powers to fight Freddy.


Shoot the flashing arrows to use the powers of the Dream Warriors.  Each successful hit will bury one of Freddy Krueger's bones in the junk yard.  When all the bones are buried, shoot the main scoop to splash holy water on the bones and finish the mode.


Dream Master


"You shouldn't have buried me.  I'm not dead"


Brought back to life by a dog peeing fire on his bones, Freddy is back.  


Tombstones will randomly pop up from the playfield.  Hit them all to complete the mode.


Dream Child


"It's a boy"


Freddy is reborn!


Shoot the main shot arrows to make the dream child baby.


Final Nightmare


"Come to daddy"


It's not over 'till it's over.  

Make the flashing shots to stay awake for as long as you can.  When the sleep timer counts down, you will fall asleep and Freddy will come for you.  Quickly wake up by hitting any S-O-U-L target 4 times, otherwise Freddy will slice you up and you die.

The longer you keep awake the more points you will score.

The mode repeats until Freddy finally gets you or the ball is lost.

After a certain amount of time, the shot arrows will turn off one by one, making it harder to stay awake.

New Nightmare


Shoot any of the lit arrows 4 times to open the furnace.  Shoot the furnace to lock Freddy inside.  Shoot the main scoop to turn on the furnace and burn Freddy.


Freddy Vs Jason


"Time to put this doggy to SLEEP"

The ultimate horror smackdown.

2 ball multiball mode.  When both balls are released into play, hit the NIGHT and MARE targets to attack Jason.  A strength meter will appear on the DMD indicating Jason's current strength.  When the bar is empty, Jason is defeated and the main shot arrows will light for Jackpots.

Hitting the left ramp will send the ball into the furnace.  The ball will eject from the hell kicker for a super-charged attack (double damage for the next hit.)

End of Game Match


"Why won't you die"


At the end of the game, the Soul Spinner will spin the ball.  Match the letter which is on the DMD to win an extra ball and keep playing.



No support for multiplayer in Version 1.01

© 2020 by MadeUpBullcrap.  Some of the media used to create these video games are freely available on the net and I consider my work as non profit fan art.

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