RoboCop ULTIMATE Pro 1.02 - Ruleset

Based on the 80's RoboCop movies (1 & 2).  There are 6 main directives that must be completed successfully to start the final directive.

Shooting Range Skill Shot


RoboCop tests his formidable hand canon at the Police firing range.


Hit the marked target in the shooting range to get the Skill Shot.  Each successful shot will increase the ball save timer and the speed of the target sweep.  3 successful shots will award an Extra Ball.


Nuke Bumpers (Fury)


Nuke is the latest drug on the streets.  Get high and feel the rush. 


Shooting the centre lane will activate each Nuke bumper.  When all 3 bumpers are lit, shoot the centre lane a 4th time to start the injection.  Hit the bumpers to get the Nuke injection to 100%.  This will start a 1 minute drug crazed fury.  Fury will multiply all playfield scores by 10x, 8x, 6x, 4x, 2x.  The multiplier drops every 10 seconds as the effect of the drug wears off.


When Nuke Fury is started, this qualifies the main insert (Directive 1).

Arrest Gang Member


RoboCop scans the police database for members of Boddickers gang, then finds them and arrests them.


Shoot the right ramp the first time to start Arrest Mode (a gang member will be selected in order of badness).  Shoot the ramp a second time to locate the suspect and a 3rd time to arrest the suspect.  A 4th shot to the right ramp will light Shoot Out at the RoboCop scoop (RoboCop interrogates the suspect for the location of a drug factory).


Bad guys to be arrested are (in order):


Steve Minh

Leon Nash

Joe Cox

Emil Antonowski

Clarence Boddicker

Interrogation of Clarence Boddicker

RoboCop beats the crap out of Clarence Boddicker to get a confession.

Shoot the right ramp to throw Boddicker through a window.  Make 4 ramp shots to complete his interrogation and get the name of his associate at OCP - Dick Jones.

When Clarence Boddicker is arrested and interrogated, this qualifies the main insert (Directive 3).

If the ball drains or the table is tilted before Boddicker makes his confession, he escapes and all the other gang members are released.

RoboCop Shoot Out


RoboCop infiltrates the drug factory.  Take out all the bad guys.


Shoot the RoboCop scoop when Shoot Out is lit.  RoboCop will scan the room and pick out the targets.  Kill all the bad guys before time runs out.  You only have to shoot any 4 of the 5 lit shots.


Missed shots (shots previously cleared of bad guys) will cause damage to RoboCop as he takes fire.  In this case, minor points are taken from the score.

When completed successfully, this qualifies the main insert (Directive 5).


OCP Mystery


Shoot the OCP spinners in the centre lane and right loop to light the OCP Mystery at the RoboCop scoop.

A random selection of awards are listed and one is chosen at random.

Some awards can aid the player to complete the game, such as completing an arrest or advancing to the final directive.

ED-209 Hurry Up

ED-209 is demonstrated for OCP executives.  Comply with ED-209's instructions before time runs out.


Shoot the ED-209 target bank 5 times to lower it.  Then shoot the ED-209 scoop to start the Hurry Up.


You now have 20 seconds to comply.  Shoot the ED-209 scoop to collect the Hurry Up value.  Fail to comply and ED-209 will shoot and the table will shut down.  Your ball will be returned to you after the sequence.

Shoot ED-209 with only 1 second left on the timer to get the Last Second bonus of 5m.


RoboCop Vs ED-209 Fight


RoboCop and ED-209 fight each other at OCP headquarters.


Shoot the ED-209 target bank 3 times (after completing Hurry Up) to lower it.  Shoot the ED-209 scoop to start.  Shoot the RoboCop or ED-209 scoop to score hits and progress the fight before time runs out.  The fight ends when RoboCop blows up ED-209 (7 successful shots).


Progress is saved so you will continue the fight where you left off until you defeat ED-209.


Cain Battle


Cain activates his weapons when being presented to local Detroit officials and the press.


Hit the left ramp to confront Cain.  Hitting the left ramp but missing Cain (the ball doesn't complete the loop) will allow Cain to strike at you and cause damage (a light on the ramp will go out and progress goes back by 1). 


Hit Cain with enough successful shots and you will both "step outside".  One final hit to the left ramp will defeat Cain.

When Cain is defeated, this qualifies the main insert (Directive 2).


RoboCop and ED-209 Multiballs


Complete the left and right drop targets to initiate Multiball Phase 1 (both RoboCop and ED-209 are open to lock balls).  Lock 3 balls in either RoboCop or ED-209 to start (the choice is yours). 

Shoot the lanes (ED-209) or ramps (RoboCop) for Jackpots.  Collect enough Jackpots and the Super Jackpot is ready.  Shoot RoboCop or ED-209 for the Super Jackpot. 


Collecting the Super Jackpot re-lights the Jackpots for Double Jackpots.  Repeat for the Double Super Jackpot.

The left and right targets will increase the jackpot value when completed.


Super Jackpot is the Jackpot value multiplied by the number of balls in play. 

The Super Jackpot is required to qualify the main insert for each multiball (Directives 4 & 6).

Rapid Fire

Shooting the 4 small stand up targets will collect ammo for RoboCop 'Auto 9' hand canon.  When 50 rounds are collected, Rapid Fire will start.

There are 2 settings for this mode - out of mode and in mode:



All 7 shots are now lit, make any of them to instantly complete or start the feature that shot represents.


The next 50 switch hits will multiply the score by 4.

Pro Tip

Rapid Fire will instantly start the Cain fight or complete an arrest of any gang member, so make these priority shots if you haven't completed these directives yet.

Final Directive

RoboCop confronts Dick Jones and attempts to arrest him.

When the 6 main inserts (Directives 1-6) on the lower playfield are lit, the Final Directive is ready.  Shoot the RoboCop scoop to start the confrontation with Dick Jones.


A target will sweep across the DMD, press the plunger button when the marked target is highlighted to shoot Dick Jones.  3 successful shots are needed to kill Jones.

Miss any shot and Jones will escape, the mode is over and the game resets.


Each successful hit increases the speed of the target sweep. 

When Jones is killed, the table will reset for another round.

Ball Saver/Bonus X


When complete, the in/out lanes will activate the ball saver and increase the Bonus X.


Police Pusuit (Left Loop)

Shoot the left loop 4 times in quick succession to win an Extra Ball.

Suit Upgrade (Right Loop)

Shoot the right loop 4 times in quick succession to win the Special.

The Special awards 10m points, starts the ball saver and wins an Extra Ball.

Extra Ball Buy In


Score at least 100 million points to qualify for an extra ball at the end of the game.  Your score will determine the cost of the extra ball.  It's player's choice to spend the points and keep playing (only 1 extra ball buy in per game.)

No support for multiplayer in version 1.02 

© 2020 by MadeUpBullcrap.  Some of the media used to create these video games are freely available on the net and I consider my work as non profit fan art.

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