Superman - ULTIMATE 1.04 Ruleset

Superman was built on an old Bally Star Trek table so the basic rules are very similar to that table.  


Over the years I have added new modes and features and changed the layout to fit the new theme.




Completing all the S-U-P-E-R insert lights at the top lanes, lower right targets or top saucer, will light SUPER.  This will award a points value but also light the next Supervillian.


Completing S-U-P-E-R at the top saucer will hold the ball and play a movie clip (Superman rescuing Lois Lane.)




There are 3 Supervillians to defeat in the game.  Each have their own objectives, and in all cases the Supervillian can be banished to the Phantom Zone for bonus points.


After completing S-U-P-E-R, shoot the right lane leading to the Fortress of Solitude.  The ball will immediately be fired back into play as Superman flies out to fight them.




Non is tall and dumb so only brute force can defeat him.


Hit the bumpers to attack him.  After a certain number of hits, Non will be defeated.




Ursa is sleek, sexy and fast so only precision shots can defeat her.


Hit the left target bank to attack her.  When all targets are down, Ursa will be defeated.  


General Zod


Zod is Superman's equal in power and strength but driven by pure evil.  So this is a battle between good and evil.  


All targets and switches on the playfield will register a hit for either Superman or Zod (it's 50/50).   The fight is over when either Zod or Superman wins (25 hits).   If Superman wins, then Zod can be banished to the Phantom Zone for a big bonus.  If Zod wins, he escapes.  The outcome of the fight is completly random, you will have no control who wins. 


Phantom Zone


An eternal living hell for the most evil of villians.


After each Supervillian has been defeated, they can be banished to the Phantom Zone by getting the ball in the top saucer. Superman will first drain all their powers in the Molecule Chamber, then send them to the Phantom Zone.


If the ball is lost before sending the Supervillian to the Phantom Zone, then this bonus will no longer be available.


Lex Luthor's Lair


Deep underground in Metropolis's abandoned subway system.


Shoot the round stand up targets to open Lex's lair.  Get a ball into the VUK to lock a ball on the left wire ramp.  Each ball lock represents 1 of the 3 Supevillians. 


Supervillian Multiball


After the last ball is locked, all 3 balls will be released into play to start the Supervillian Multiball.  Hit the flashing targets for Jackpots.




Superman's powers come from the sun's energy.  This power is replicatd in Superman's Molecule Chamber in his Fortress of Solitude.


Shoot the left orbit to re-energize Superman's powers.  Complete P-O-W-E-R for an extra ball.


Super Bumps


Hit the bumpers in normal play a certain number of times to start Super Bumps.  For a limited time, the bumpers will have an increased score value.


Left Kickback


When activated, the ball will be saved when it drains down the left oulane.  It will be destroyed then re-lauched from the Fortress of Solitude (plunger lane.)


Jor - El


A hologram of Superman's father will appear at certain events during the game.  He gives Superman (Kal-El) some fatherly advice.


Advance Bonus


Certain shots will advance the end of ball bonus.  This is collected when the ball drains or when the ball enters the Fortress of Solitude (plunger lane) and is multiplied by the value of the lit multiplier.


Kryponite Ball


At random times, Lux Luthor will switch the ball to a green Kryponite ball.  In this case, all playfield scoring is doubled for as long as the Krytonite ball is on the table.


Special Keys


Special 1 key will switch from easy mode to hard mode (changes balls per game.)


Special 2 key will turn the ball scroll on/off (useful when balls are locked on the wire ramp.)



No support for multiplayer in Version 1.04 

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