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Star Trek (Stern) - ULTIMATE

Star Trek ULTIMATE Edition gameplay.   My own version of Stern's popular game.


I completely redrew all the artwork; added an LCD media player for movie clips; added a completely new audio package; rewrote the entire ruleset and added more features, and even crafted the 3D model of the Vengeance star ship.

Very dull mission structure in the original game (shoot the same shots over and over).  I can see they relied too heavily on the new colour-changing LED's.  Needless to say, I made some improvements here. And when Vengeance multiball better strap yourself in ; )  

It's always improving as I come up with new ideas.

Xenon - ULTIMATE Pro

Xenon ULTIMATE Pro.  

Old timers like myself will be very familiar with this game.  It was the first pinball game to feature a female voice and an elevated ramp shot.

Gameplay on the original is still fun but very basic compared to anything that came after it.  So I remastered it with my own creative flair.

Xenon now has a story with the player assuming the role of Eve, a genetically engineered human who serves 'mother' by collected orbs which then start a state of euphoria known as Xenon.

The media I used for the remaster was sourced from many places and provides a wonderful atmosphere for the game.

Tron Legacy (Stern) - ULTIMATE

Tron Legacy ULTIMATE Edition gameplay.  My version of Stern's game.

The Future Pinball version was originally built by Rom. He then handed it to me to code and add all the audio, lighting effects etc.  I also had to modify Rom's layout because it wasn't accurate to the real machine. 

I added an LCD media player for all the dynamic movie clips. I also replaced all the original David Thiel music with Daft Punk's music; added more sound fx and call outs from the movie and video game.

I also improved some of the rules and added new features.

As with all my games, it's always evolving.  It will be finished when I'm finished.

Bond 50th Anniversary - ULTIMATE Pro

An original game celebrating 50 years of James Bond.

This is one of my 'dream theme' games.  Impossible to build in the real world because of the nightmare licensing costs. So Future Pinball is the only place it will ever exist.

I left out George Lazyboy because he was a shit Bond in the shittest Bond movie, and I wasn't going to tarnish my project with that tosh. 

I literally spent hundreds of hours on this game, watched every movie and captured hundreds of quotes.

Simple, easy to follow rules and smooth action make this a fun ride for any Bond fan.

The game also features every Bond song ever produced (even the crap ones.)

This version was never released.

Aliens Legacy - 30th Anniversary Edition

Aliens Legacy ULTIMATE Edition gameplay.  Originally designed and built by David Eisner (his original version is still out there somewhere.)

I was actually designing my own Aliens game when I spotted this and decided to do a 'quick' mod to save time and move on to something else.  That 'quick' mod actually took years and the end result is, without doubt, the most exciting and dramatic game of pinball ever made.

I wanted an immersive movie-like experience and that's exactly what I created.  As close to being in the movie as you're ever likely to get.

Assholes and elbows people, let's move it out!

Transformers - ULTIMATE Edition

Transformers ULTIMATE Edition gameplay.   My own version of Stern's game.

The original Future Pinball version was masterfully built by the extremely talented Rom.  He then passed it to me to add all the usual fluff.

When I was researching this game, I really didn't like how the rules were written or any of the audio, so I coded an entirely new ruleset and overhauled the entire audio package.  I also added an LCD media player for custom animations and movie clips.

As epic as the movies themselves but not as tedious. 

This version was never released.

Nightmare on Elm Street - ULTIMATE Edition

A Nightmare on Elm Street gameplay. 

I love the 80s and anything 80s is just pure gold in the pinball word, so the biggest and baddest horror superstar from that decade,  Freddy Kruger was an obvious choice for for an original 80s horror game. 

There are very few adult themed pinball games so I went all out with this game and created a true horror experience that's never been done in pinball before.

The game covers all the movies up to Freddy Vs Jason and has just about every single line of dialogue Freddy spoke in all the movies and TV shows.

Tron Legacy - ULTIMATE Edition

I designed and built my own pinball game based on the Tron Legacy movie before Stern released their own game.

I wanted a linear gameplay structure for this game - an experience that made the player feel like they were in the movie.  


To achieve this level of immersion, I added the complete Daft Punk soundtrack and as many movie clips as I could squeeze in to the game.

Years later, I came up with the idea of a live action video mode.  Which for me is the coolest thing I've seen in pinball since the invention of the flippers. 

Star Wars - ULTIMATE Edition

Star Wars ULTIMATE Edition.  My own original Star Wars game and the first game I created in Future Pinball.

Back in the early days, I modded other tables so I could learn how to make my own games.  Star Wars started out as a quick mod of a Future Pinball demo table.  

Over the years, as my skill improved, I kept going back to this game and making it better and better. 


This updated version features the world's first live action video mode, an idea I first used on my other Star Wars table - the Empire Edition (Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker duel.)

When you play the game, you'll be fully immersed in the Star Wars experience.  And for a moment, feel like you're Luke Skywalker.  A moment is all I need to succeed in my mission to create the most immersive pinball games ever made.

Jaws - ULTIMATE Edition

Jaws ULTIMATE Edition.   The original game was designed and built by Rom.  I modded his game to create this ULTIMATE Edition.

I'm a massive Jaws fan so I wanted to create the ultimate Jaws experience and make the gameplay as immersive as possible. 

To do this I had to capture the true essence of the movie experience.  It's part horror, part drama, part comedy, part action, part thriller...with that special dash of Spielberg magic.

The pace can change in an instant from a fast and exciting sea chase to being in a shark cage deep underwater.

But what makes Jaws so popular are the characters - Quint, Brody, Hooper and Jaws himself.  Trying to make a Jaws game without any of these vital ingredients is like....well...the Zen pinball version.

For the ULTIMATE edition, I coded a new ruleset and added new features all based on famous scenes from the movie.  I also added every track from the John Williams score, which is the main reason why this game is so atmospheric. 

The Movie clips and the new Super Harpoon toy then elevated this game to one of the best movie-themed pinball games ever made. 

Indiana Jones - ULTIMATE Pro Edition  (WIP)

Indiana Jones - ULTIMATE Pro Edition.

Not the Stern game you've played in your local arcade, this is a completely new game with completely new....everything.

Stern themselves could achieve this level of immersion but choose not to, only offering the player a standard and uninspired pinball experience (they choose poorly).

Indiana Jones deserves more respect than that.  Raiders is the greatest action movie of all time, no question.  

So I've created a spectacular blockbuster pinball game like nothing else made before.   

This version is still a WIP and has never been released.

24 - ULTIMATE Pro Edition (WIP)

24 - ULTIMATE Pro Edition.   An unusual challenge for me this one:  I'm creating 2 games in 1 - a story mode and the regular game mode. 

The regular game mode will be as close as I can get to the original Stern game (with some added creative flair.)

Story mode is 1 complete mission that plays in real-time (24 minutes.)  When the countdown clock reaches zero, it's game over.

Jack...race against the world and then do it all over again tomorrow.

This version is still a WIP and has never been released.

Halloween - ULTIMATE Pro Edition (WIP)

How lucky I am to just think, "I want my very own Halloween pinball game" and then go off and make it.  As anyone can, using Future Pinball.

The original movie is the best and so my game focuses only on that movie (with a little bit of Halloween II and III thrown in just for shits and giggles.)

No point in doing horror if it's not scary, so this is scary.  Not Hollywood movie scary but as scary as you can get playing a pinball game.  Play alone at night, with all your house windows and doors unlocked, during a storm for maximum effect.  Hell, playing ANY pinball game in that scenario would be scary.

Horror is my favourite theme for a pinball game.  It's also the hardest to get right.  It's all about the atmosphere and the immersion.  So I'm drawn to films with very strong music and Halloween has the best horror theme ever.

You need fantastic music in a pinball game to create a great and memorable experience.  Without the original score in a movie themed pinball game, you're only motoring along with half a tank.  I've proved this time and time again.

See Zen's BTTF and my BTTF as an example.  Or Aliens, or Star Wars....or anything.

The game is still a WIP and has never been released.

Alien Pinball Promo - Sound Edit Demo

A demo of my sound editing skills. 


Nothing too amazing, but I only had one day to shoot, edit and mix the audio...using a broken and unreliable prototype game.  

The Alien head that grabs the ball didn't work at all and had to be operated manually.  Still.....the promo did it's job and sales came in....and then went back out as refunds.

Heighway Pinball was a complete disaster from start to finish.  The only decent thing to emerge from the smouldering ashes, was this game...but most are who-fully unreliable.  Stick with my FP version.

Blade Runner - ULTIMATE Pro Edition (WIP)

Finally!  I've wanted this game for years.  I now have the skill and experience to make it happen.

What I wanted was to make this game an experience as close to the movie as possible, which meant I had to match the atmosphere and the pacing.  So I channelled the creative genius of Ridley Scott into the visual structure of the game, and Vangelis' score provides it's beating heart.

The Police Spinner is supposed to be an interactive toy that rotates, rises and flashes when the Super Ramps are active.  But I'm not a great toy maker, so it will have to wait until I am.

I've created some great 'duel modes' in my time in pinball - Brody vs Jaws, Superman vs Zod, Robocop vs Ed-209, Megatron vs Optimus, Ripley vs Alien Queen....but this one, the duel between Deckard and Roy Batty is one of the best.

Rutger Hauer's portrayal of his character is one of the best movie bad guys ever and every line he speaks makes it into the game.  

And there are no points to score in this game - you earn money.  Money which can be used to modify the next game or banked for highscore entry.

This game is still a WIP and has never been released.

Avatar - ULTIMATE Pro Edition (WIP)

There are 2 kinds of people in this world - those that love Avatar...and idiots.  Sorry if you're an idiot.  Hey, not my fault, blame your parents.

The ULTIMATE Pro version comes with more everything.  A cinematic experience where you actually have a reason to play beyond just collecting points.

I also changed the incredibly boring single ramp for 2 new ramps.  You can do whatever the hell you want in Future Pinball so why not?

New movies are currently in development so I may add new content to this game much later.

Terminator ULTIMATE Pro Edition (WIP)

Probably the most famous pinball game ever made.  Everyone loves this game for it's killer theme and easy to follow rules.

So why tamper with (almost) perfection?

Because it's Terminator and I love Terminator but the original game doesn't feel anything like the Terminator movies - more like a children's animated TV show version of The Terminator.

So...out went all the Chris Granner music and sound fx.  In went Brad Fiedel and quotes and fx from the movies.

I also added new mission based rules and an upper flipper for shooting at the Hunter/Killer.  Now it's Terminator.

Iron Man ULTIMATE Pro Edition (WIP)

The first triple A blockbuster game I created back in 2011.  And given Future Pinball's limitations back then, it's a miracle I pulled it off.  I had help with the toys and ramps but the build, code and audio design was all down to me.

This was also the first pinball game to feature full colour, full motion movie clips, which played on an LCD I added to the backglass.  I also created a real song jukebox, again, the first of it's kind which played tracks by AC/DC, Metallica and Queen (and now Motorhead.)  The game also features dynamic songs - songs that change when a feature starts.

The ULTIMATE Pro update improves the entire ruleset and adds new missions and features.  It's also packed out with 50% more callouts, 50% more sound fx and 50% more music than the original Stern game. 

A very fast, very exciting game of pinball....and now probably the most exciting game of pinball ever made.

Scared Stiff ULTIMATE Pro Edition (WIP)

Elvira's second pinball game improves over the first game in all departments.  Another classic from Dennis Nordman.

My version adds more content and ultimately more fun to the experience.  And as the hostess with the mostess, Elvira has gathered all her favourite movies for the game - The Shining, Exorcist, Hellraiser, Halloween, Psycho...and many others, all make an appearance.

The ultimate Halloween party game.

Still working on it so I have no idea when it will be finished.  

It gets bigger and bigger the more I play with it (that's what she said)

Kiss ULTIMATE Pro Edition

Not a massive Kiss fan but I love the artwork on this game which is why I've spent so much time improving this game over the years.

This is a mod of Popotte's excellent original version.

I created 2 game modes, for 2 exciting games of pinball.  Normally the word 'exciting' and the mention of any EM game shouldn't be in the same sentence, but code is king and this game is a demonstration of how code can completely transform what is an extremely basic game of pinball.

To keep the game grounded in it's roots, I added most of the original game sounds which blend in with the new sounds for that special 'modern retro' feel.

Strikes and Spares ULTIMATE Pro Edition

The Big Lebowski is one the best movies of all time and I've seen it countless times - big, big fan.  And I love pinball so I mixed both of them together for this unique mod of Bally's Strikes and Spares.

There are no physical bowling pin targets on the real machine, I added them for this mod, and just like real blowing, hit them just right for a strike.

There's also a story to the game, where the player is competing in local, league and national bowling tournaments to become the World Champion.

But as the dude would say: "fuck the tournament", let's just play.


Pickard is coming back, and I'm guessing in his retirement years he was playing this pinball game.

With the power of BAM I've brought this game to life with a brand new remastered makeover.

A big, big job but it's a big, big game.

The main focus of this remaster was to make the game as much fun as possible and offer a more dynamic and interactive experience, putting the player in the Captain's chair.  I did this by adding extra features that require command decisions such as raising shields and switching to red alert using a virtual console.

It's still the Williams' game but like the Enterprise herself, it's a bit more modern.

Flash Gordon ULTIMATE Pro Edition

The old switcheroo: Hold up both flippers to instantly switch between the original Bally game and my remastered version at any time.  Even the displays switch from gas segment to DMD.

I love the movie and it's the reason we have Star Wars; George Lucas wanted Flash Gordon but couldn't get the license so in a big sulk he wrote his own space story....a long time ago.

This should be remade for 2020 - the 40th Anniversary edition.  It's a theme tailor made for pinball, and who doesn't want to play the hero of the universe?  And that

But for now I've created this wonderful remaster of the Bally original - a game famous for being bastard hard.

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